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Visualization and Operation

b maXX HMI: The HMI for all purposes

Brilliant and adaptable

  • Powerful hardware
  • Display sizes from 4.3" to 15.6"
  • Comprehensive, integrated software package
  • Linux and Windows versions
  • Traditional and web-based visualization
  • Three variants: Basic, Standard, Premium

The b maXX HMI series control panels are characterized by powerful hardware, extensive software and a variety of features. The devices are available with display sizes from 4.3 to 15.6 inches in the Basic and Standard product lines, and 7.0 to 15.6 inches in the Premium product line.
All HMIs come with a 1.0 GHz powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1 GB of system memory and 4 GB of eMMC storage for visualization projects, data loggers, formulas and trends. They are equipped with USB and Ethernet ports and a configurable serial interface.
Equipped with LCD and LED-backlit TFTs with 16 million colors and touchscreens , this series includes models that are ideal for any application!

Secure Remote Maintenance

Channel safe? With Ubiquity!

bmaXX HMI 2016 ubiquity Homepage

Basic Line

hmi basic

The devices in the Basic line feature resistive touchscreens, aluminum front panels and display sizes from 4.3 to 15.6 inches, making them the all-rounder of our HMI series.
The control panels in the Basic Linux product line are perfect for web visualization and internal application software. HTML5-based visualization can be accessed without additional software using the pre-installed browser. However, for traditional visualization, the Basic Windows product line is the right choice. The pre-installed visualization runtime and extensive software package leave nothing to be desired.

Standard Line

hmi standard

The control panels in the Standard line offer visualization and remote maintenance in one system, and are equipped with numerous features to ensure a wide range of diverse requirements can be met. With an OPC UA client, the devices are also now suitable for Industry 4.0 — they also impress externally with appealing designs based on aluminum True Flat technology. Devices with a 10.1-inch display (or larger) include an SD card slot, in case the internal 4GB eMMC storage should prove insufficient.

Premium Line

hmi premium

“Design meets Technology”. True to this motto, Baumüller also offers the new control panels in a high-end design. With a capacitive glass touchscreen, IP66 protection class and 16 million colors, the devices in the Premium line look fantastic and are the ideal “face” for your machine.

Technical data b maXX HMI

Basic Linux
Basic Windows
ARM Cortex A8, 1 GHz + + + +
1 GB RAM + + + +
4 GB eMMC storage + + + +
16 million colors + + + +
Front Aluminum (silver) True Flat (black) Glass (black)
Touchscreen Resistive Capacitive
4.3 inch
(480x272, 400 cd/m²)
+ + + -
7.0 inch
(800x480, 500 cd/m²)
+ + + +
10.1 inch
(1280x800, 400 cd/m²)
+ + + +
12.1 inch
(1280x800, 400 cd/m²)
+ + + +
15.6 inch
(1366x768, 400 cd/m²)
+ + + +
USB + + + +
LAN + + + +
Serial + + + +
SD card >= 10.1" >= 10.1" >= 10.1" +
Degree of protection IP 66 IP 66 IP 66 IP 66
Operating system Linux Yocto Windows Embedded Compact 7 Pro
Premium HMI 4 visualization - + + +
Integrated remote maintenance - + + +
OPC UA client (Premium HMI 5 software nad above) - + + +

Subject to change

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