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Compared with conventional hydraulic or mechanic presses, servo presses provide considerable advantages, such as increased productivity and product quality. Furthermore they offer more flexibility.

Consisting of both control and drive technology, the Baumüller system solution gives you the advantages of servo presses while at the same time providing an instantly usable and flexible solution for your machine. On request, Baumüller can provide long-term life cycle management for presses that meet your and your customer’s individual needs. On request we will also support you with the installation and commissioning of your system anywhere in the world.

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Whether remanufacturing or new equipment — Baumüller provides the perfect solution for your press.

BMN presses comparisonServo presses have an edge on conventional presses, in particular when it comes to productivity, product quality and flexibility. With high-performance direct drives and the compatible control unit, the processes of servo presses can be optimized with regard to cycle time, tool wear and tear, energy use and environmental compatibility.


Benefits of servo presses compared to hydraulic and mechanic presses

Higher flexibility

  • Greater product diversity is possible
  • Freely definable movement profile: Optimal adaptation to the tool process
  • Generation of traversing profiles directly on the b maXX PCC-04 with intuitive user guidance

Higher product quality

  • Production of complex and sophisticated moldings
  • Regulation of the speed, position and direction of the press ram
  • Greater reproducibility and precision
  • Continuously configurable processing speed

Lower operating costs

  • Low maintenance costs with the elimination of expensive wear parts (e.g. coupling unit)
  • Time-saving creation of optimal press profiles with user-friendly technology library
  • Tryout – Running-in of tools at different speeds
  • Production and tryout are possible in the same machine (no testing machines required)
  • Follow-up processes are eliminated through the ability to add special functions to the tool (e.g. joining, thread cutting)
  • Protection of mechanical parts
  • Longer service life of tools

Energy efficiency

  • Higher overall efficiency of the system due to accurate dosing of the forming energy
  • Energy use only during the actual pressing procedure
  • Electrical power rating is significantly lower and considerably cheaper in comparison to conventional solutions because of the option for an intermediate circuit feed to the capacitor unit

Plug & Play – The scalable system solution from Baumüller

A complete package, customized to your needs — from a single source

Our system solution includes control and drive components as well as software modules. The drive unit can be individually configured according to the required power.

The high torque motors from Baumüller support pressing forces up to 3,000 tons. Due to the different shaft and flange options, the motors can be perfectly adapted to your machines. Furthermore, we provide motors with multiple winding for extremely high peak torques. We have made it possible that the pressing power can be distributed to multiple motors which are connected via a master-slave coupling.

The b maXX 5000 and b maXX 4000 converters were specifically designed to manage high peak currents. The peak load devices impress with their compact mounting dimensions and provide a broad and scalable selection of optional safety features. Furthermore, the devices provide energy recovery. This means the current peaks which arise in the presses can be captured using the temporally matched supply of braking energy from a kinetic storage system. In order to use motors with multiple windings, load compensation with multiple converters is also possible.

We provide box PCs, safety controls or controller PLCs and in each case appropriate HMIs with touch display for user-friendly machine operation.

Time and costs are also saved by using our comprehensive software kit that contains preprogrammed chips so that all important functions can be implemented without complex programming. Furthermore, the latest simulation software provides an exact simulation of everything from the mechanics and drive to the workpiece guide. This way the entire system can be calculated and you avoid cost-intensive oversizing of the motor or servo drive. Web-based remote maintenance is provided to implement a quick diagnostic analysis as well as fault removal.

The visualization software for servo presses enables intuitive operation of the press. The visualization features include user pages that have been pre-configured to enable intuitive input of the parameters. In the user software, which has been specially adapted for servo presses, the press can be programmed via freely selected pendulum points in relation to either the crankshaft angle or the tool position.

servopress complete package de 

Software features of the press

Moving profile input modes

The customer can freely select if the data points are entered in a linear manner (valve side) or as an angle (shaft side). In order to achieve a high flexibly movement procedure, profiles containing up to 64 points can be used.

Operation modes

In addition to the conventional curve input (full stroke) the customer can operate the press in pendulum mode. Furthermore, both standard curves and custom curves can be loaded (recipes).

servopress profiles graphs

Other functions

  • Slide adjustment function
  • Die cushion function
  • Soft start movement
  • Soft stop movement
  • Rapid stop function
  • Override function
  • Trending function
  • Jog mode
  • Automatic checking of all entered curves
  • Manual pulse generator (MPG)
  • Work piece and maintenance counters

servopress software visual

Our solution — your benefits

Efficient operation

  • Simulation of the entire system for an efficient dimensioning of the drive
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Comprehensive diagnostic options
  • Cost-optimized operation and maintenance concepts

Easy commissioning

  • Free generation of the traversing profile directly on the PCC
  • Ready-made templates for machine functions
  • Installation and commissioning worldwide on request
  • Immediately usable PLC template and visualization

Easy to use

  • Intuitive user handling — time-saving programming
  • Web-based entry for maintenance and diagnostic purposes
  • Access via mobile devices
  • Additional machine functions included, such as slider adjustment and sliding table
  • Easy curve generation (up to 64 user points) with predefined curves and free movement profiles, file handling

Individually matched

  • Scalable and intelligent drives according to requirements
  • Modular structure of the single components or a complete solution including commissioning
  • Lifecycle support: Maintenance concept, servicing via remote access

Augmented Reality: Servo press

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