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Baumüller equips the Simpac MX and SX servo press series with highly dynamic drive and automation solutions

In spring 2019, Baumüller signed a cooperation agreement with press manufacturer Simpac. This encompasses the supply of drive and automation systems for the new MX and SX press series.

“For us, this is a further step in the standardization process, which will not only benefit Simpac. In addition to a highly efficient drive concept, in future our customers will also benefit in terms of maintenance and service,” explains Bernd Moritz, Chief Technology Officer at Simpac Inc. in South Korea and Managing Director of Simpac Europe GmbH. Simpac: Neue BaureihenThe new Simpac servo press generations MX (left) and SX (right) with 3,000 to 30,000 kN pressing force

Complete solution from a single source for highly dynamic servo presses

Baumüller Produkte ServopresseBaumüller is supplying the complete drive and automation technology from the high-torque motor and power electronics to the industrial PC, including softwareIn future, Baumüller will supply Simpac with highly dynamic high-torque motors as well as complete power electronics and industrial PCs, including software for features such as motion control and curve generation.

The overall system consists of DST2 high-torque motors, which generate high torque even at low speeds. The combination of regulated infeed with the b maXX 5100 and capacitors as energy storage reduces the power supply output, and with it the energy costs. Operating costs are significantly lower than those of mechanical storage systems. The motor itself is operated on the powerful modules of the b maXX 5000 series.

Baumüller also supplies the completely wired control cabinet. All the key components, from drive controllers to machine controls, can be supplied within the Baumüller Group. The control cabinets are supplied by Baumüller Dravinja, the Baumüller subsidiary in Slovenia specializing in machine enclosures and control cabinet production. Baumüller also took on the complete engineering of the drive system. The latest generation of the powerful b maXX PCC-04, a scalable, versatile platform for demanding control tasks, serves as the machine control system.

Another advantage of the single-source drive concept is the possibility of analyzing the system in the event of a fault with the help of the remote maintenance solution. If required, remote access can be used to carry out optimization measures, e.g. reparameterization of the controllers. This Industry 4.0 solution contributes to comprehensive diagnostics and a more efficient error elimination process, resulting in higher plant availability and lower service costs.

Innovative press drives

Servo presses have an edge on conventional presses, in particular when it comes to productivity, product quality and flexibility. With high-performance direct drives and the compatible control unit, the processes of servo presses can be optimized with regard to cycle time, tool wear and tear, energy use and environmental compatibility.

BMN pressen vergleich

Higher flexibility

  • Greater product diversity is possible
  • Freely definable movement profile: Optimal adaptation to the tool process
  • Generation of traversing profiles directly on the b maXX PCC-04 with intuitive user guidance

Higher product quality

  • Production of complex and sophisticated moldings
  • Regulation of the speed, position and direction of the press ram
  • Greater reproducibility and precision
  • Continuously configurable processing speed

Lower operating costs

  • Low maintenance costs with the elimination of expensive wear parts (e.g. coupling unit)
  • Time-saving creation of optimal press profiles with user-friendly technology library
  • Tryout – Running-in of tools at different speeds
  • Production and tryout are possible in the same machine (no testing machines required)
  • Follow-up processes are eliminated through the ability to add special functions to the tool (e.g. joining, thread cutting)
  • Protection of mechanical parts
  • Longer service life of tools

Energy efficiency

  • Higher overall efficiency of the system due to accurate dosing of the forming energy
  • Energy use only during the actual pressing procedure
  • Electrical power rating is significantly lower and considerably cheaper in comparison to conventional solutions because of the option for an intermediate circuit feed to the capacitor unit

Augmented Reality: Servo press

Sophisticated service concept with a 24/7 hotline

“In future, we will provide Simpac customers with key account support,” explains Joachim Weissenberger, Authorized Signatory and Sales Manager at Baumüller. “This enables access to our 24/7 hotline with a response time of under 24 hours. Our service concept is designed to provide comprehensive support over the entire life cycle of the machines – worldwide.”

“We believe that in times of roughly comparable products, the real advantages for our customers lie in individual, competent process consulting and a comprehensive service concept with fast response times. With Baumüller, we are pleased to have found a flexible and globally positioned system partner who, in addition to supplying outstanding products, also perfectly complements our service network,” says Bernd Moritz, explaining the reasons for choosing the Nuremberg-based company Baumüller.

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