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Machine template for web processing machines

template web foilBaumüller offers software templates for web processing machines, which already contain a large number of the software functions required in the respective machines. This machine type generally has a virtual master shaft, on which the other drives synchronize the individual process steps. The template can be used for machines and systems for paper and foil production, e.g. in foil bag, corrugated board, folded carton or printing machines. The machine programmer no longer has to worry about the basics, but can use the time saved fully for process programming.

web & foil machine

The template contains the software for the typical process steps of web-guiding machines, e.g. for foil bag machines

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The advantage: Complete template instead of individual libraries

Many automation providers merely deliver the individual libraries for the respective software project. By contrast, the Web & Foil template not only contains the necessary libraries but also, e.g. includes general templates for implementation of the visualization or fault management.

motion libraries and templates for the visualization

Example of printing mark control – for example, the template contains motion libraries and templates for the visualization

web foil scheme

In addition to the basic functions, the template also contains the functions for the individual process steps of a standard machine

The following functions are included

Basic functions

The developer does not have to set up the basic functions again from scratch, but instead they are selected and parameterised directly. Routine tasks such as the instancing of motion modules or linking variables with the modules are no longer necessary.

  • Virtual master – maser shaft, on which the other drives can synchronize within the machine. The function is mapped via th eMC_MasterEngine function module.
  • <Cams – specified movement of a slave axis depending on the position of the virtual maser. Not only dynamic, jerky profiles, but also jerk-limited movement profiles can be mapped.
  • Recipe management – management of the product-related settings at the machine. With this function the settings can be stored, loaded, edited and exported.
  • User level management – Each user can be assigned different rights for operation and access to functions and settings of the machine.
  • Monitoring – monitoring of the individual machine modules, for example, monitoring of the status of the inputs/outputs, the fieldbus or specific values on the basis of a graphic evaluation (e.g. servo motor temperature).
  • Alarm handling – machine faults are collected and displayed. These can be acknowledged via the visualization after they have been eliminated.
  • Jog mode / manual mode – The individual motors can also be run in manual mode, for example, for material or format change.

Machine functions

The templates contain frequently used machine functions for paper and foil processing. These only have to be adjusted to the respective application.

  • Fly wheel – Is the connection between the welding unit and foil placement. Modules for this are provided in the template, which enable operation via cams.
  • Register control – The modules for print mark detection are included. Based on this, machine-specific register control can be implemented.
  • Cam group – control, for example, of time-controlled or position-controlled cams including dead time compensation.
  • Heating bar – The temperature control for the heating bar is included.
  • Cutting – Depending on how the cutting unit is executed mechanically, here it is possible to implement this function using different technologies.
  • Feed – Material is conveyed into the machine.
  • Stacking – Foil placement can also be implemented via existing cam functions. Positioning via positioning modules would also be possible.

Web and Foil | Installation of the setup on the engineering pc

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With the Web & Foil software template for web-processing machines, developers save a lot of time, especially in the start-up phase of the project, and can thus concentrate better on the important machine functions. For the machine manufacturer, this means a faster time to market and significantly reduced development costs.

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