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Basic Libraries

Basic functions of motion control

Basic LibrariesThe basic libraries form the basis of the motion control

The basic libraries form the basis of the motion control. More than 500 modules are already pre-installed on the Engineering Framework ProMaster.
They contain basic functions that are useful for motion sequences and reduce the amount of programming work and the time required.

Using international standards such as the programming languages as per IEC 61131 and technology-specific extensions from Baumüller guarantees maximum investment security.


The basic library Axis offers all the functions for controlling an individual axis, such as switching on, positioning, reading out errors, switching off and many more.

Application example: Schüssler 3D Eye Rim Bending Machine S-514

Schüssler 3D Eye Rim Bending Machine S-5514Application example: Schüssler 3D Eye Rim Bending Machine S-514

The CNC 3D eye rim bending machine S-514 from Schüssler produces eye rims from various metallic profile wires, including stainless steel or titanium in different material thicknesses - with a production rate of up to 1,350 eye rims per hour. All known alloys for eye rims up to a width of 2.5 mm and a height of 2.5 mm can be used. The eye rims are manufactured with high precision. The precise and optimally matched drives and automation components from Baumüller are decisive for this.

Thanks to the space-saving design of the machine and very compact Baumüller components, electronics and all seven drives are located in the smallest possible space in the control cabinet: Four bending axes ensure three-dimensional bending and three handling axes separate the wire.

Positioning the wireAn important function: Positioning the wire

The axle drives guarantee high quality bending and are maintenance-free. In addition to the space-saving, compact components, the development expertise and existing programming tools were decisive for Baumüller.

The Axis modules for switching on the machine and positioning the wire were used to control the motion of the 3D eye rim bending machine.


Multi-Axis on a Stamping MachineThe function of the cam-plate allows the adjustment of the upper roll depending on the lower roll


The basic library Multi-Axis allows the programmer to synchronize motion sequences of two axes with high precision, for example with a cam. Master axes can also be created.

The cam function can be used, for example, in a printing machine.


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The basic library 3D-Axis enables travel in three-dimensional space, i.e. in the X/Y/Z direction. G-code can be used to specify the motion control. Additional functions such as collision monitoring, tool management and others are also available.


These enable the intelligent combination of numerous machine solutions in the 3D area.

These and other functions are available:

Coupling of axis groups

Coupling of axis groups
Orientation to each other in space, working together on one workpiece

Icon G-code

G functions, M functions, read & write G-code from PLC, stop, start, pause, stop

Collision monitoring

Collision monitoring
Work areas, restricted areas, tool protection, can be activated on the fly

Tool management

Tool management
Definition and selection of different tools

Geometry compensation

Geometry compensation
Compensation of height differences in 1D, 2D and Z-direction

Application example: Dahmen textile machine CHAINTRONIC 4

Dahmen Chaintronic CHD4-100The CNC 3D eye rim bending machine S-514 from Schüssler produces eye rims from various metallic profile wires

Textilmaschinen GmbH has automated its new multi-needle quilting machine CHAINTRONIC 4 with a Baumüller system.

Two variables have the highest priority in mechanical engineering: the productivity of machines and their sustainability. The North Rhine-Westphalian manufacturer of textile machinery had exactly these two criteria in mind when developing the new CHAINTRONIC 4. The new machine, which is used to produce mattress covers, bedding, articles of clothing, insulating materials and technical textiles among other things, should be fast, offer a high level of sewing safety and efficiency and guarantee high sustainability.

IEC 61131 programming languages are used for maximum future security. The basis for the user programmability of the quilting patterns in CHAINTRONIC 4 is CNC technology, which is also available from Baumüller in the form of pre-programmed modules. In the Coordinated Motion library, Baumüller has combined PLC and CNC functionalities, thus enabling time-optimized and jerk-optimized, user programmable movements without additional hardware. The functions are fully integrated into the standard PLC, so no separate CNC control unit is necessary and costs can be saved. The programming here is based on the DIN 66025 standard known from the CNC world.

These functions were used for motion control of the Dahmen textile machine:

3D-Axis functions for textile machine1: patented spline method for corner trimming, 2: jogging, 3: stitch pattern stored in G-code, 4: G-code editor

Motion Libraries

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