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Easily and intuitively set the parameters for drive safety

Baumüller is one of the few drive and automation providers that offers consistently integrated safety solutions for central, modular, decentralized and hybrid automation structures according to the norms of the Machine Directives EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061 to performance level e and safety integrity level 3.

The ProMaster engineering tool supports the parameterization of the b maXX safety modules SAF-002 and SAF-003. Through the integrated, safe parameterization environment ProSafePara, ProMaster enables the scalable integration of the b maxXX safety modules into the standard automation technology.

The safety technology is fully integrated into the ProMaster engineering tool through ProSafePara and accesses the same project database. It was designed according to the requirements of the norm IEC 61508 and covers the entire range of safety requirements up to SIL 3, guaranteeing a completely safe parameterization of the safety modules SAF-002 and SAF-003.