b maXX 6500 – compact mono units for large outputs up to 400 kW

The scalable power modules of the mono units are offered with an extended power range up to 400 kW. Applications with a power requirement above 400 kW can also continue to be realized by connecting multiple converters in series.

Reduced footprint: Maximum power with highly reduced installation space

bmaXX 6500 - 48% less space than the predecessor modelInstallation space decimated — Power density multiplied The size 4 version of the new b maXX 6500 (left) requires approx. 48% less space than the predecessor model

Noticeably more power with 48 percent less installation volume than the predecessor model: these features set the b maXX 6500 apart from the rest. The new device is extremely compact. The power density has thus almost doubled. The values make the new mono devices some of the most powerful on the market.

The new devices therefore require significantly less space in the control cabinet and can be installed in an extremely confined space in the machine. This therefore leads to smaller machine installation areas. Alongside the physical machine footprint, the material savings in the servo drives and control cabinets also mean a reduction in the ecological footprint and more sustainability.

Application-optimized through scalability

bmaXX VariantenFrom the basic device to the fully equipped: With a large number of configuration levels, the new generation of the b maXX 6000 family can be adapted even better to the requirements of the respective applicationThe b maXX 6000 devices have maximum scalability due to numerous hardware and software options and can therefore be even better adapted to the application requirements.

Different encoders, hardware and safety options are available to choose from. For example, in the case of encoders, you can choose between resolvers, optical and pure digital encoders for all standard interfaces. For the hardware, the signal bus, service option, digital and analog I/Os, as well as brake connection can be selected, among other things. With regard to safety, different variations are available, from the simple hardware controlled STO (Safe Torque-Off) through to higher safety functions actuated via FSoE (FailSafe over EtherCAT), all of which comply with the highest safety level.

Thanks to this scalability, a large number of configuration levels are available, from the basic device through to full specs. The machine manufacturer can thus put together the controller and power module equipment to precisely fit their application.

b maXX 6500 – compact mono units for large outputs

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New series – new functions

The new b maXX 6000 series impresses with its numerous new functions, which have been specially developed for sophisticated applications. The new controllers are faster and more reliable than ever before. Despite the expanded functional scope, the firmware is fully compatible with the preceding b maXX 5000 family – a changeover is therefore possible without new programming or parameterization.

Here are some of the innovations at a glance:

Safety for high-performance applications

  • Even faster response (1ms) to safety-related events
  • Transfer of the safe position via FSoE to the safety control as the basis for 3D space monitoring
  • Digital encoders can be used as safety encoders
  • Safety possible via load-side encoders

Prepared for Drive-PLC

  • Real time data processing in the drive
  • Drive can be used as a data hub for connection of direct and indirect sensors
  • IoT-ready thanks to OPC-UA and MQTT

Fully compatible firmware

  • Simple change from b maXX 5000 to 6000: Parameter data sets can be transferred.
  • Drive-based functions and softdrivePLC projects can be further used with no changes required
  • Only a minimal amount of work necessary for adjusting the parameterization for FSoE

Baumüller SmartValue: Smart functions create added value

Baumüller SmartValue

Baumüller SmartValue stands for smart functions and thereby offers genuine added value for your machines and processes. Baumüller SmartValue is the added value that smart drive technology gives mechanical engineers and machine operators. The new b maXX 6000 devices thus additionally expand their scope of service.

» Smart optimization: Shorter development cycles
Smart tools use modeling and simulation during designing and commissioning, ensuring a faster Time2Market

» Smart operation point: Coping with power peaks
Smart functions help you cope with power peaks in electrical machines and systems, without any over-dimensioning

» Smart protection: Protect your production employees, your tools, and your machines
This helps minimize production downtimes and avoid costly replacement investments

» Smart monitoring: Monitor your machines and processes
The quality of your customers’ products and their productivity are secured

» Smart optimization: Self-adaptive drive technology
The drives react automatically during operation to optimize the processes and product quality

Cooling methods

cooling b maXX 6500

Single-cable solution for power and feedback systems

Less wiring for a compact, space-saving design

The single-cable technology fitted in Baumüller motors saves the user from having to use a feedback or a costly, inflexible hybrid cable, which is usually required in addition to the obligatory motor cable.

Unlike sensorless control, single-cable technology allows highly accurate positioning. The encoder data, rotor position, multi-turn information as well as the status of the thermal conditions in the motor are transmitted reliably and without interference via a purely digital interface. This results in a considerable cost saving, as there are no connectors or cables on the motor or controller side. Cost-intensive analog evaluation modules in the drive are unnecessary.

Diagnostics are also a possible option. Wiring is greatly simplified, which eliminates possible sources of error and also has a positive effect on the peripherals, since drag chains, cable bushings and areas reserved for the cables in machines and control cabinets are now significantly smaller.

The new technology supports an "electronic type plate". On the motor side, this results in a greater degree of freedom: Eliminating the plug-in connection allows the new technology to be used even in the smallest sizes.

Single cable solution

Your benefits

  • Fast and easy commissioning. Wiring and commissioning are simplified thanks to fewer cables and connectors
  • Reduced wiring costs
  • Switching to one cable eliminates the cost of additional connectors and cables
  • Efficient feedback control
  • Digital feedback for improved performance
  • Reliable system
  • Data transmission not susceptible to interference
  • Supports electronic type plate

Areas of use

Fieldbus systems

Feldbusse Anreihtechnik

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