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Single-cable solution for power and feedback systems

Less wiring, less space required and less susceptible to faults

Alongside standard solutions with one motor cable for the power supply and a second cable for the data transmission of the encoder, up to a certain power range, Baumüller motors can be optionally equipped with single-cable technology.

single-cable technology with Hiperface DSLApart from the obligatory motor cable, the single-cable technology saves the user the usually required feedback cable or an expensive, inflexible hybrid cable

In the single-cable solution, the entire motor-feedback communication takes place via the motor cable only. Apart from the obligatory motor cable, this saves the user the use of a usually required feedback cable or an expensive, inflexible hybrid cable. The single-cable solution can be inserted and used exactly the same as the standard solution with two cables, but has numerous advantages such as the cost savings due to fewer cables and less installation work, a smaller space requirement, and is less susceptible to faults.

Fewer cables for a compact and space-saving design

The single-cable solution saves significantly more space since, for example, the cable ducts are smaller. At the same time, designers benefit from greater flexibility in machine design when developing the machine. The control cabinet can be made more compact overall and the wiring time for installation is significantly shorter.

The single-cable solution can be used in combination with resolvers, as well as with digital encoders.


servo drives - Standard vs Single-cable solution

The benefits for you

  • Fast and easy wiring and commissioning
  • Reduced wiring costs
  • More flexible machine layout is possible
  • Compact control cabinet
  • Fast and easy commissioning
  • Supports electronic type plate (not for resolver)

Areas of use

  • Robotics
  • Packaging machines
  • Filling systems
  • Textile machines
  • Paper and converting machines
  • and many more.

Available for servo motors

The DSD2, DSC1 and DSP1 series servo motors enable communication via a single-cable solution and the Hiperface DSL digital protocol. Furthermore, Endat 2.2 and BISS are also available as digital encoder systems.

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