DC link capacitance module for the b maXX servo controller family

DC link capacitance module

Energy and cost savings for dynamic applications

With the DC link capacitance unit, the braking energy can be temporarily stored for dynamic applications and used for subsequent acceleration. The module can be used with devices of the b maXX 5000 and 6000 converter generation.

Clever buffering

For intermediate storage of excess energy, a capacitance module can optionally be integrated into the DC link. This means that energy can be stored and freed up again as needed in the event of a power supply failure or when braking the drive axes. Furthermore, after a power supply failure or error, it is possible to move the drive axes to a defined position depending on the available residual energy. This prevents damage and accelerates a machine restart.

Servo controller capacity unit


  • Intermediate storage of braking energy –› Lower energy consumption
  • Peak load leveling –› Reduction of the contractually agreed consumption peaks with the energy supply company
  • Lower thermal radiation –› Smaller dimensioning of the cooling units possible
  • Smaller dimensioning of the control cabinet and power supply unit –› Less space required and cost savings possible
  • Temporarily stored energy allows for controlled system shutdown in the event of errors and power failure –› Cost reduction by not needing an independent power supply (UPS)

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