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Advanced Libraries

The advanced libraries from Baumüller are extensions of basic libraries and reproduce individual machine functions. All advanced libraries can be combined with each other.

Your process sets the pace for our motion libraries. With the help of our advanced libraries, continuously or intermittently working machines can realize various tasks such as dosing, sealing, cutting, transporting, forming, filling, winding and unwinding, and positioning. In this way, a high process quality is achieved with time-optimized and smooth movements.

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The mechanics

Our advanced libraries take mechanical machine functions into consideration, such as:

  • Linear axes: Linear motors, spindles, racks
  • Round axes: Toothed belts, rotary tables, conveyor belts
  • Eccentric: Toggle lever, etc.
  • Linked drives, such as handling systems, robots

Individualize standardized machine functions

Every application is unique, but that doesn’t mean having to reinvent everything – quite the contrary: In the sense of modular engineering, it is important to fall back on what is tried and true and focus on the specific task. Ask us and we will be happy to help you.

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Cost reduction

Cost reduction
Prefabricated machine modules to reduce the initial effort and therefore the costs

Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge
Take advantage of our process expertise

3D motion

3D motion
Make your control system 3D-capable and use our G-code

Simple programming

Simple programming
From the motion component to the complete machine module

Expertise from a professional

Expertise from a professional
Benefit from our knowledge and save valuable time

Your benefits

  • Concentration on your own machine process
  • Quick and efficient development
  • High level of flexibility due to the possible combinations of the advanced libraries
  • A few machine parameters describe complex movements
  • Templates for many applications

Your advantages

  • Quick and efficient software creation
  • An engineering template, individually compiled for your system
  • Scalable in functional scope and drive power
  • A custom solution combined from standards
  • Time and cost-optimized

Skilfully combined

Baumüller libraries are consistent, optimally tailored to your automation tasks and build on each other. Combining different assemblies is made easier by interfaces. Your developed expertise can be stored in your own libraries, managed and recalled again at any time. Using international standards (such as PLCopen Motion Control) and technology-specific extensions from Baumüller gives maximum investment security.

Motion Libraries

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