Injection molding machines

Baumüller offers a comprehensive portfolio for hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric injection molding machines.

These servo pump solutions have been reducing the energy requirement in hydraulic and hybrid machines for many years. For fully electric injection molding machines in the power range up to 200 kW, Baumüller offers the compact b maXX 5000 modular system with water and air cooling options.

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Injection molding machines

Water-cooling saves space and enables an almost seamless motor series

Water-cooled servo motorsSame power rating despite varying sizes: Water-cooled servo motors have up to twice the power rating of an uncooled motor of the same sizeSmaller injection molding machines or applications with closed hydraulic circuits need it – highly dynamic motion with high effective torque at the same time. In these applications, however, servo motors are subjected to heavy use, so they must be well cooled. The water cooling system ensures the correct temperature, thus enabling a relatively small motor to be used for a high nominal power. For the machine manufacturer, this means improved mechanical properties, lower costs and better efficiency.

With their space-saving installation with a simultaneously very high power density, the small models 45 and 56 really come into their own with their water-cooling benefits.




Benefits for your machine concept

Energy efficiency and economy

  • Significant reduction in energy consumption and thus lower energy costs
  • A high degree of efficiency in the speed control range that is typical for these applications
  • Optimized repeat accuracy of the injection process

Product and process quality

  • Shorter cycle times thanks to parallel functionalities
  • No flow losses due to hydraulic fluids being converted into heat
  • Noise reduction due to omission of gears
  • Reduction of mechanical friction losses

Your benefits

  • Decreased life cycle costs due to reduced maintenance effort
  • Increased process capability and quality with direct drive solutions
  • Cleanroom-compatible drive solutions

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