Modeling and Simulation

Digital twin enables faster time-to-market, greater efficiency and quality in the development process of the machine

Making machines and systems future-proof and ideal for applications requires time, experience and is an intensive engineering process. In order to shorten the development time and to launch the functionally-reliable machine on the market as quickly as possible, innovative software tools for simulation are offered as an engineering service at Baumüller, such as MapleSim and MATLAB/Simulink.

2 Simulationsergebnisse simulation results3D simulation of a mechanical model of a servo press and the associated simulation results Modeling and simulation make it possible to design and simulate the optimal drive and automation components for various machines. The so-called digital twin already maps the expected machine behavior in the development stage, even though the machine is actually not (yet) available in reality.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Faster time-to-market: More efficient engineering, software can be tested on virtual machines during the development phase (different configurations, different customer cycles)
  • Machine optimization: Errors are corrected at an early stage and the interplay of the individual components is evaluated in advance
  • Increase in efficiency: Precision in the dimensioning of the electric drive train through simulation of the entire system saves operating costs

Digital twin as an engineering service

New yellow  ProSimulation significantly reduces the development effort in mechanical engineering

prosim box en

Virtual commissioning tool

  • Easy import of regulator and mechanic models
  • Design and test drive and automation components virtually
  • Short development times and fast commissioning
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