Hybrid and fully electric drive systems for ships

Elektrische und hybride Schiffsantriebe von Baumüller Lowering costs, reducing emissions and meeting new guidelines are all possible with fully electric solutions or diesel-electric hybrid drives from Baumüller. Baumüller has been a specialist in electric drive and automation technology for decades and successfully uses its systems in numerous areas of mobile drive technology. With its broad range of services, from motors to converters and control units to diagnostic software or battery management systems, Baumüller offers interesting alternatives to traditional ship drives and paves the way for realistic solutions in the field of smart shipping.

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►Efficiency in sight! Hybrid or electric ship propulsion isn't rocket science – this is what you need to consider


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Baumüller has all the necessary technology and experience to equip barges, yachts, working vessels, offshore vessels and ferries with electric drive systems or to take over complete drive systems.

Custom-fit and customer-specific: From the electric motor to complete drive systems

Baumüller offers exactly the performance you need - from individual motors and components to complete drive systems with self-regulating energy and battery management. We support you with custom-fit solutions and work with you to close the gap you need for an order. Baumüller is a partner for shipyards, system integrators, and ship owners and is even a supplier of complete systems.

Flexible Projekte vom Motor bis zum Gesamtsystem
Flexible projects

from motors to complete systems

Technologiekonzepte  von Hybrid bis Vollelektrisch
Technology concepts

from hybrid to fully electric   

Schlüsselfertige Partnerschaft  für komplette Antriebssysteme
Turnkey partnership

for complete drive systems

Ersatzteilverfügbarkeit verbessern zur Systemoptimierung
Lifecycle management

for system optimization

Customers benefit both from our expertise in industrial drive technology and from our experience with drive systems for shipbuilding and the entire field of mobile drive technology.

Our advantages:

  • Experience: A large number of successfully implemented projects
  • Future-oriented: Efficient and powerful hybrid and electric drives
  • Expertise: High quality and reliable products in shipbuilding
  • Quick and customer-oriented decision-making paths: Experience and advantages of a globally operating, successful and innovative family-run company with tradition
  • Global service

Products and services - certified for shipping

Baumüller offers solutions for all main and auxiliary drives in ships and, in addition to many years of experience in shipbuilding, can offer a broad range of services from project planning to global service

Baumüller has had its products specially adapted and certified for shipbuilding. For example, the DST2 high-torque motors are equipped with wing-mounts that make it much easier to integrate into the ship's design. In addition, Lloyd's Register has confirmed that the high-torque motors meet the specific requirements of shipping. The DST2 marine motors are available with outputs from 3 to 1150 kW and nominal speeds between 100 and 2000 min-1.

In addition to components and systems, the Baumüller Group offers project planning expertise and service concepts with a global service network and is thus a long-term partner for the entire life cycle of ship drives.


Baumüller has equipped ferries, inland waterway vessels, yachts, etc. with its solutions and thus offers a wealth of experience in the equipping or conversion of ships and offshore vessels.

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Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director

Ship drives with Baumüller motors: Your secure way to increase efficiency

Switch to a hybrid or electric drive and reduce your diesel consumption by up to 25%.

An engine achieves optimum output at a certain speed. Every deviation from this speed reduces efficiency, often in the double-digit percentage range. This results in an unnecessary increase in fuel consumption. An electric or hybrid drive employs power in a different way so the motor always runs at the optimum speed. For this reason, a ship drive with Baumüller motors is the safe way to increase efficiency for ships.

Hybrid drive system for more efficiency

With a diesel-electric hybrid drive, the ship's propellers are powered electrically by converter-fed synchronous motors which receive their energy from diesel generators. Numerous advantages make the combination of diesel engines and electric motors particularly attractive for shipping. In addition to significantly reducing fuel consumption, by up to 28% in flowing water, noise and vibration can also be reduced.

A further advantage lies in the improvement of the overall efficiency by reducing the power output of the diesel engine, i.e. traveling in the optimum speed range. For instance, only a low power level is required for ships that need to maneuver precisely out on the open sea or that need to keep to a fixed deployment location. With a pure diesel drive the speed in these cases is massively reduced when compared to the previous, faster moving journey. This means the engine isn’t operating in its ideal efficiency range. By contrast, when an electric drive is used in these situations, the frequency converter controls the propeller speed directly via the synchronous motor, thus enabling it to run far more slowly. Since synchronous motors achieve high efficiency even at low speeds, the electric mode saves fuel.

Perfect combination – E-ships with hybrid drive systems

With a hybrid drive, the ship’s propellers are powered electrically by converter-fed synchronous motors which receive their energy from battery and diesel generators, e.g. LNG, diesel, fuel cells, etc. Numerous advantages make the combination of diesel and electric motors particularly attractive for shipping. Along with a significant reduction in fuel consumption in moving bodies of water, this system also reduces noise and vibrations by up to 28 percent.

Example of diesel-electric system construction

Schiffsantriebe: E-Modus

Optimum efficiency – e-ships with parallel hybrid drive

In a parallel hybrid ship’s drive the diesel engine and electric motor are connected in series. The output and the torque are added. The electric motor can be connected and disconnected. The combustion engine is kept at a very good efficiency. The actuator absorbs the load peaks and also generates energy.

Example of parallel-hybrid system construction

Schiffsantriebe: E-Modus

The Trischen work boat: Hybrid marine power from Baumüller

Fully electric and emission-free: E-ships with electric battery-powered drives

Quiet and completely free of fine dust, these are the key advantages of a fully electric or battery-powered electric motor for ships and boats. The motors are operated entirely without diesel engines, using lithium-ion batteries.

In collaboration with companies such as battery manufacturers, the system engineering experts from Baumüller create complete solutions for drive and automation systems and fit out ships using in-house torque motors, converters and control units, among other devices. The Baumüller complete solution includes electric motors, scalable lithium-ion batteries with energy management systems, control cabinets, thruster and propeller control units. The integrated automation systems, which are linked to all other subsystems via CAN bus and Ethercat, serve to control and monitor on-board machines and auxiliary systems. Also, the battery-powered electric drive system is supplemented by two diesel emergency units. These are legally required safety drives which ensure maneuverability even when the battery is empty and are therefore redundantly designed.

The advantages of the battery-powered ship solution from Baumüller on the one hand lie in the intelligent overall concept based on the many years of experience in the marine propulsion sector and on the other hand in the highly-efficient synchronous motors. The drive system thus achieves a degree of efficiency of over 95%.

Example of the structure of an all-electric system

Schiffsantriebe: E-Modus

Over 80 ships and boats successfully electrified

We have experience with hybrid cargo ships for inland waterways and coastal use, hybrid working vessels as well as hybrid and electric ferries.

We are the experts in the complete drive system: From control unit to battery management. Past implementations have included e.g. hybrid cargo ships for inland waterways and coastal applications, hybrid work ships, as well as hybrid and electrical ferries. Whether original equipment or a remotorization – our marine drives impress with their lower environmental impact, improved maneuverability and space-saving installation compared to classic diesel drives.

Visualization, control and energy management


Battery, control room

batterie schaltraum

Diesel-electric drive systems

diesel electric

Drive system designed entirely by Baumüller

Benefit from our expertise for your marine drive system.

Hybrid: Ferry Farge

Hybrid: Ferry FargeYear of manufacture 2017 | Length 59 m | Width 14 m | Maximum speed: 14 km/h | Capacity: 32-34 passenger cars, 6 semis, up to 249 people |
Drives: 4x DS2 main motors 200 kW each

Fully electric: Qi-Fu No.1

Fully electric: Qi-Fu No.1Year of manufacture 2017 | Length 25 m | Width 6.5 m | Capacity: up to 150 persons, 46 bicycles | Motors: 2x 2 powerMELA® systems, each with 150 KW

Hybrid: Ærøxpressen

Hybrid: ÆrøxpressenYear of manufacture 2019 | Length 49.36 m | Width 12.50 m | Draft 1.92 m | Drives: 2x Scania DI16 8-cylinder diesel motors, 2x drive units 450 kW

Diesel-electric: Trischen

Diesel-electric: TrischenYear of manufacture 2019 | Length 22 m | Width 7.5 m | Work ship | Diesel-electric drive system | 2x drive units DST2 225 kW

Diesel-electric: MS Emmerich

Diesel-electric: MS EmmerichYear of manufacture 2020 | Length 38 m | Width 8.0 m | WSA work ship | Diesel-electric drive system | 2x diesel Scania, 2x drive units DST2 225 kW

Diesel-electric: Opal

Diesel-electric: OpalYear of manufacture 2015 | Motors: 2x DST2-315YO, 144 kW | Battery capacity: 460.8 kWh | 2 generators 1x 150 kW, 1x 130 kW

Hybrid: Roro Terra 2

Hybrid: Roro Terra 2Year of manufacture 2014 | Length 135 m | Width 11.45 m | Draft 4.30 m | Tonnage 1090 t | Motors: 2x Caterpillar type C18, Hybrid Baumüller DST2-400 2x 285 kW

Diesel-electric: Spido Marco Polo

Diesel-electric: Spido Marco PoloYear of manufacture 1995 | Refit 2017 | Motors: 2x DS2-200KO generator 2x 75 kW

Partnership from specifications to prototype to series production

Baumüller is a global leader in the development of electric drive systems. With our diverse product range in the field of motors, we have extensive manufacturing expertise. This makes us your partner for the production-ready design and optimization of your motor for quantities between 10 and over 1000 motors per year. As an independent, medium-sized company, we can react quickly and efficiently to your customers' wishes with innovative drive solutions. This makes us the perfect partner for challenging projects and future technologies.

Our expertise in industrial motor construction is complemented by our experience with mobile drives and their special requirements. For example, special cooling system versions and suitable sealing measures are used to take account of the stresses caused by temperature, dust and humidity.

We will accompany you on your way to the electrical future.


Your advantages:

  • Production-ready design and development from prototype to pilot series — all from a single source
  • Reduction of your time-to-market with our competence
  • Electric motors with high energy efficiency and power density and low noise emissions
  • Increased competitiveness by combining original motor concepts with innovative manufacturing technologies



Our motors with integrated converter for ship drives:

 Our motors for ship drives:

Our control units for ship drives:

Our services for ship drives:

Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director
Baumüller Marine Solutions
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