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Electric Motors

Powerful electric motors for any requirement

Our goal is to give your machines a competitive advantage, to give you greater flexibility in your machine layout, and to guarantee operators the necessary productivity and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

Our developments therefore do not simply focus on a machine's overall system, but also on the added value that we want to offer our customers by means of modularization, the scalability of modules, and technology modules. Baumüller is an innovative motor manufacturer for energy-efficient electric motors built according to the latest state of technical development. As a supplier of state-of-the-art drive technology, our customers benefit from market-leading developments.

Ecodesign Directive

Manufacturer for electric motors according to the Ecodesign Directive

We comply with Ecodesign Directive (EU) 2019/1781 for motors: The fan motors of our DS2 and DA1 series have the required IE2 classification. All other series and the Baumüller asynchronous motors themselves are not affected by the directive.

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Baumüller electric motor portfolio

As an innovative motor manufacturer, Baumüller develops and produces a wide range of electric motors and therefore offers a suitable solution for nearly every automation application. Our range includes:

Baumüller electric motors

What are the advantages of servo motors?

Thanks to their compact nature, electric motors are also suitable for machines that offer only limited installation space. These include handling and robotics segments, for example. But servo motors also perform with precision and quality in plastics, printing, textile, and packaging machines. However, the advantages of the Baumüller servo motor series are not limited to their efficiency and scalability. Customers also benefit from:

  • Seven sizes: 28 to 132
  • A wide power range: 0.3 to 108 kW
  • Various torque ranges: from 2 to 1,050 Nm
  • Internally toothed shafts in the DST2 series and in the Advanced and Performance Line for direct servo pump mounting in the DSC1 and DSD2 series

When are three-phase synchronous motors the best choice?

Baumüller Servo Motor

Three-phase synchronous motors are also used in many industries. Examples of these include packaging and printing technology. Baumüller's DS2 motors, for example, also work as servo pump drives in injection molding and rubber or forming machines and as the main drive in printing and textile machines. In addition to their internally toothed shaft, the synchronous and asynchronous motors are distinguished by an increased nominal speed range. This enables the maximum torque to be utilized over a longer speed range, allowing the mechanical process to be accelerated and decelerated more dynamically for longer. As a result, the machine operator reports shorter cycle times and higher productivity.

Thanks to the interface variant with internal gearing, there is also no need to consider cost-intensive transmission elements, such as couplings and pump supports.

The three-phase motors consist of a system with three AC voltages of equal magnitude, each of which is phase-shifted by 120 degrees relative to each other. Three-phase current is also referred to as three-phase alternating current, as well as alternating current in short. The single-phase asynchronous alternating current motor is generally used in industry.

Baumüller three-phase synchronous motors

How do customers benefit from high-torque motors?

In direct drive technology, Baumüller has been supplying reliable quality products since 1991. The high-torque motors have a high-pole drive with exceptional torque. Unlike motor-transmission combinations, customers with these electric motors benefit from above-average productivity and highly attractive operating costs. As a supplier, we offer the advantages resulting from

  • the elimination of high-maintenance transmission technology
  • a compact and robust design
  • power volumes of up to 60,000 Nm
  • excellent concentricity characteristics

and a

  • robust, smooth, and dirt-repellent housing surface.

High-torque motors are used in extruders, injection molding machines, printing machines, and marine technology.

Manufacturer Electric Motors for Industry 4.0

What role does digitalization play in electric motors?

Sensors with corresponding calculation models are also an important component of electric drive technology in the manufacture of electric motors. Sensors record operating conditions of the motor and the machine. These data-driven processes not only simplify servicing and maintenance, but also increase efficiency.

What are the advantages of electric motors?

Today, electric motors form an essential part of the energy-efficient drive technology of industrial machines. Actuators controlled by a hydraulic system, for example, also have a high power density, but usually lose points when it comes to maintenance and energy consumption.

For this reason, we not only focus on the energy balance of the actuators at an early stage, but also on physical modifications in terms of size and digitalization. As a motor manufacturer, we work consistently and in close coordination with our customers on the further development of electric motors.

Electric motor manufacturer Baumüller

The advantages of electric motors at a glance

  • Energy efficiency: Compared to fluid drive technology, electromechanical drives transfer more of their input power to the load
  • Lower heat development: Electric drives require significantly lower supply of cooling energy compared to hydraulic systems
  • Shorter cycles: Electromechanical actuators can be controlled more quickly and effectively
  • Effective material utilization
  • Higher repeat accuracy and precision than hydraulic actuators
  • Low loss times when converting
  • Long operating times and fewer wear components, thus shorter service and maintenance intervals

Electric motor technology must increasingly adapt to machine layouts. Why Baumüller is setting the pace here with its drive solutions.

For a very long time now, the energy balance of machines has been a major concern for motor manufacturers. Those who used to be disappointed by the low power density of electric motors are now confronted with the persuasive reality of powerful and energy-efficient motor technology. The drive and automation professionals at Baumüller are setting benchmarks with their development of electric motors.