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Machine module servo pump

Efficient machine solution for hydraulic and hybrid machines

Baumüller supplies innovative and optimized drive solutions for all sectors through years of intensive cooperation with mechanical engineers. Due to the integrated control unit in the converter, Baumüller servo pumps can easily be connected to your machine control systems. In the process, they reduce the energy consumption of your drive system significantly and also allow for shorter cycle times, greater accuracy as well as lower noise development. See for yourself and rely on the flexibility and power of innovation of the experts from Baumüller.

Hydraulics vs. Servo-hydraulics
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The Software – intelligence in the drive

The servo-hydraulic technology module is integrated directly in the servo drive and is fundamentally responsible for ensuring maximum utilization of the advantages of servo-hydraulics. The heart of the software is the flexible pressure and flow rate control in a controller cycle time of only 125 µs for maximum dynamics and precision. Thanks to intelligent feed forward pressure controls, the control adapts itself to different hydraulic ranges and thus achieves outstanding pressure adjustment behavior.

Parameterization of the servo drive including servo-hydraulic functions is fully embedded in the ProDrive user interface. The guided commissioning makes fast commissioning possible, even without in-depth programming knowledge or detailed servo drive technology know-how. The graphic user interface screens enable logical and clear operation.

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► Detecting and preventing wear in servo hydraulics


The commissioning and optimization can also be undertaken as a service by the Baumüller experts, who have many years of experience in the application of servo-hydraulics systems and thus integrate the system into the machine optimally.

In addition to the excellent control behavior and easy handling, the latest Baumüller V2+ software for servo-hydraulic systems also includes numerous protection and monitoring functions that further enhance the performance and reliability of the system.

NEW: Controlled shutdown of the servo hydraulics

Error case:
  • Accelerating the pump back on shutdown
  • Delay of the pulse block by a defined period of time
  • Regulation of the system pressure to the set minimum value
  • Switching off the pump in torque-free state without reverse acceleration


  • Compliance with the permissible operating data
  • Reduced pump wear
  • Reduced integration effort

NEW: Flexible master / slave solutions

Problem definition:
  • Realisation of system solutions with high power requirements
  • Parallel connection of several hydraulic pumps in one hydraulic system
  • Higher-level pressure regulator in the master drive
  • Flexible connection options for slave drives


  • Design of modular drive systems
  • Low wiring effort for realisation via fieldbus
  • Fastest response time with realisation via analogue interfaces
  • Highest process accuracy with realisation via digital SSI interface

Pressure sensor power monitoring

Error case:
    • Pressure sensor wire break
  • Monitoring of the pressure signal at the servo drive
  • Detection of a wire break
  • Error message with definable error response


  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Reduced downtimes

Pressure sensor comparison, monitoring and compensation

Error case:
    • Aging of pressure sensors (zero drift)
    • Damage to the pump
  • Monitoring of the sensor signal by internal comparison routine
  • Trigger by external signal
  • Automatic compensation of the measured offset
  • Adjustable warning and error thresholds
  • Error and warning message with definable drive response


  • Condition monitoring: Early detection of a defective sensor
  • High availability: Protection of the pump
  • Optimum process sequence, even with sensor drift

Acceleration limit

Error case:
  • Pump wear due to excessive acceleration
  • Limiting of the acceleration in the servo-hydraulic system


  • “Soft machine behavior”
  • Reduced wear and downtimes

Leak determination, monitoring and compensation

Error case:
    • Aging of pumps and therefore increasing leakage
    • Reduced process accuracy
  • Identification of hydraulic system leakage
  • Adjustable warning and error thresholds
  • Error and warning message with definable drive responses
  • Compensation of the measured leakage


  • Condition monitoring: Early detection of a defective pump
  • Optimal process run even with increasing leakage

Basic pump protection

Error case:
  • Dry running of the pump
  • Detection of faulty states in the hydraulic system
  • Monitoring of the pressure build-up time
  • Error message with definable error response


  • High availability: Protection of the pump against dry running

Thermal pump protection

Error case:
  • Thermal pump overload in case of overlong pressure maintenance mode (zero flow)
  • Wear and possible premature failure of the pump
  • Protection of the pump against thermal overload without temperature sensor
  • Calculation of the pump thermal overload depending on process parameters (pressure, speed, etc.)
  • Optional: Activation of a hydraulic bypass on reaching a definable warning threshold to relieve the pump
  • Error message with definable error response


  • Increase in availability: Protection against pump failures caused by thermal overload
  • Condition monitoring: Display and monitoring of the current pump capacity utilization

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Drive Intelligence for Servohydraulics

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