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Machine Template Servo press

Already programmed Motion-Axis servo press machine template

With the Motion-Axis servo press software template, especially for servo-eccentric presses, Baumüller offers a template for metal forming. On the one hand, it can be used as a template for controlling the complete system and the customer can extend it to their specific application. On the other hand, it can also be used as a subsystem for line integration. Thanks to its OEM interface it can be quickly and easily linked to the process control.
Besides servo-eccentric presses, other servo press kinematics can also be implemented on request.

Motion-Axis software template

Preprogrammed and ready for immediate integration: The machine template for servo presses includes intelligent energy management, and among other things, an increase in productivity through automatic alignment of the system boundaries

Machine template for complete control

Baumüller's software templates save developers a lot of time: The templates contain a large number of the required functions as well as motion modules and templates for functions such as a curve generator for press movement or a prepared user interface. These therefore do not have to be set up by the developer for a new project, but instead only have to be selected and parameterized at the start. Routine tasks such as instancing modules or linking variables to the modules are no longer necessary. The machine programmer no longer has to worry about the basics in the development, but can use the time saved entirely for process programming instead.

Besides movement control functions, the software package also includes intelligent energy management as well as automatic alignment of the system boundaries when creating the curve. This function enables the machine’s performance and productivity to be increased.

Among other things, the movement control includes basic functions such as soft start and stop, stop in the top dead center, fast stop in the event of emergency off, automatic traversing to the top dead center, and continuously adjustable traversing speed. A setup function for the press tool via a handwheel is also included.

Subsystem for line integration

By using the Motion-Axis servo press software template, the customer also benefits from our metal forming technology experience. Here the load distribution for operation of position-synchronous coupled motors is already preprogrammed. To use the template, the customer only has to integrate the existing communication interface, and can then, among other things, traverse directly to the ram position via a position setpoint. The basic movement control functions are naturally also included in the subsystem.

A predefined interface is available for communication with a higher-level control. The connection can be made via an EtherCAT gateway or ethernet TCP. Other interfaces can be added on request.

For maximum speed: Intelligent curve generator

With the intelligent curve generator, the user can either freely enter their press profile or use various predefined curves. In case of manual input, the customer can choose whether to enter the data points linearly (ram) or as an angle (crank shaft). To achieve a highly flexible movement sequence, profiles with up to 20 interpolation points (data points) can be designed. Further, not only standard curves, but also the user’s own curves (recipes) can be loaded and further processed. In addition to the conventional curve input (full stroke), the customer can also operate the press in the pendulum stroke for higher numbers of cycles.

In the plausibility check integrated in the curve generator, depending on the movement and load profile, all relevant data are checked automatically for compliance with the system-related limit values. If the system limit is met, the maximum machine speed is determined in the next step. This process-check increases productivity and additionally protects both the power electronics and the mechanical components.

Performance check curve generator

Performance check: In the plausibility check integrated in the curve generator, all relevant data are checked automatically for compliance with the system-related limit values and in the next step, the resulting maximum machine speed is determined

During the check, among other things the linear movement of the ram and the rotating movement of the crankshaft are each examined in the curve generator with regard to their position, speed and acceleration. Other parameters such as inertia, change in force of the press, motor torque, current and power limits are also used for the check.

Key technical facts

Predefined OEM interface for 3rd party controls

  • Kunbus gateway
  • Ethernet TCP

Software package functions

  • HMI – use interface for standalone presses
  • Curve generator for press movement
  • Check for compliance with the system limits by a plausibility check of the movement profiles
  • Setup functions (handwheel, jog mode)
  • Energy management by monitoring the DC link

Scalable configuration of the converter

  • Multiple winding or single winding motors can be used
  • Master-slave combination through cross-communication
  • Load distribution for mechanically coupled motors

Benefits for your machine concept

Easy template startup

  • Installation package for easy commissioning of the control and converter
  • Predefined OEM interface available

Flexibly usable

  • Different press tonnages with one template
  • Operation of multiple coupled motors on one crankshaft is possible
  • Control of the complete system, as well as the option of line integration

Less wiring required
by using the EtherCAT cross-communication

Reduction in connected system load
through intelligent energy management

Increase in productivity
by aligning the system boundaries when generating the curve

Protection of the power electronics & mechanics
by aligning the system boundaries when generating the curve

System solution for servo presses

With its software templates, Baumüller has for many years been consistently moving towards being a full-range supplier. In addition to the software package, the system solution for servo presses includes the complete main drive system with high-torque motors, servo converters, and regenerative mains rectifier units, including control cabinet construction, as well as the control technology with hardware.

Find out more about our drive solutions for servo presses here.

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