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Drive solutions for blow-molding machines

The drive concepts from Baumüller are the optimal solution for reducing energy requirements in blow molding machines. Water-cooled motors and converters in particular succeed with their highly compact design and rapid heat dissipation.


Topology blow molding machine

Jörg Johannpaschedag (Bemaco)Application example of electric extrusion and closing unit:

“High torques and precise speed control are required to melt the pellets in the extrusion unit. The main advantage of the fully-electric closing unit is the faster build-up of clamping force and the faster traversing speeds. In addition, the electric clamping system runs like clockwork. Viewed overall, the unit handles the material more carefully and is more energy efficient”

Jörg Johannpaschedag, CEO of Bemaco Engineering GmbH

In an interview with our customer Bemaco Engineering, you can find out more about a Coex system that has been equipped with our drive technology

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Benefits of the electric drives

Extruder drive

  • high energy efficiency
  • precise speed control and therefore high product quality in the raw material
  • coaxial structure for extruder screw enables a compact machine construction even with multi-layer processes

Hose thickness control

  • precise control and therefore high reproducibility of the wall thickness in the end product
  • reduced cooling time due to constant thickness
  • high product quality due to precise and level surfaces without formation of fins
  • optimization of the use of materials

Clamping drive

  • faster build-up of clamping force and very fast traversing speeds, and therefore high productivity
  • high locking forces and precise control for high reproducibility of a uniform weld and high product quality
  • lower noise emissions to protect production workers

Blow pin

  • precise control and therefore high reproducibility, for example, of the neck contour of the subsequent blow mold part
  • no wear-susceptible hydraulics
  • high robustness and machine availability


  • high dynamics, short transfer times and thus high machine productivity

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