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Hybrid drives for commercial vehicles – Into the Future Emission-Free

Emission-free drive solutions

Baumüller has also been active in the field of electromobility for many years and supplies electric motors and complete drive systems for ships, wheel loaders and other commercial vehicles. Always with the goal of reducing emissions.

"Electromobility has been a resounding success in commercial vehicles and mobile utility machines". This self-confident statement from Andreas Baumüller, Managing Partner of the Baumüller Group, appeared in the Handelsblatt business newspaper in July 2019. The projects in this area are wide-ranging: A hybrid ferry on the Weser river is powered with Baumüller technology, along with an electric ferry in Taiwan and the first farm loader with a lithium-ion battery.

The great advantage of solutions with Baumüller technology is that decades of expertise in electrical drive technology can be used for industry. Although solutions in e-mobility differ significantly from those in industrial applications, Baumüller's development and manufacturing expertise can be used optimally here.

Agricultural machines

Application examples: tractors, semi-trailers, plowing machines, farm loaders and wheel loaders, etc.

The all-electric and hybrid drive solutions for the agricultural sector enable low-noise and low-emission operation. The high starting torque increases driving comfort for the user. By replacing hydraulic units, the machines can also be used in sensitive environmental areas. Agricultural machines require high output and a broad speed range to increase starting torque, depending on version.

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Agricultural machines
Construction vehicles

Construction vehicles

Application examples: road rollers, milling machines, loaders, excavators, farm and wheel loaders, etc.

Construction machines are used in handling and processing building materials, transporting supplies and performing construction tasks. Both all-electric and hybrid drive concepts are used. The drives must either be high-output, dynamic or economical, depending on application. The machines must also be fully practical, despite the e-drive.

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Application examples: transporters, minibuses, trucks, city buses.

Because of the fixed routes, predictable operating periods and the frequent braking, city buses and trucks are perfectly suited for the use of electric or hybrid drive systems. The use of an electric drive reduces the environmental impact and increases efficiency. The brake energy recuperation increases battery life, thus ensuring s a longer driving range. A high torque over the full speed range increases efficiency and improves driving comfort.

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Municipal and special-purpose vehicles

Municipal and special-purpose vehicles

Application examples: Cleaning machines, mowers, multi-purpose vehicles, vans, etc.

The use of electric motors for municipal and special-purpose vehicles enables low particulate matter emissions, minimal noise and minimal operating costs. Brake energy recuperation allows for maximization of running time. The broad speed range and the high starting torque increase driving comfort.

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The advantages for you with an E-drive (all-electric systems)

  • Exceptionally energy-efficient – Lower consumption than in classical solutions
  • Entirely practical – With quick load concepts and cutting-edge battery technologies  
  • Low-noise – The motor purrs like a cat
  • Emission-free – No CO2 emissions
  • For pleasure in driving – From zero to 60 in just a few seconds

The advantages for you with a hybrid drive (combination of diesel/hydraulic and E-drive)

  • Optimized drive solution – Up to 30 percent fuel economy and volume reduction
  • High-output – Enormous increase in efficiency
  • Automatic energy recovery – Automatic battery charge through recuperation
  • Charges quickly – No reliance on charging stations
  • For long distances – Long driving ranges are possible with the combustion engine

Precision-engineered and individual: From electric motor to complete system

From single motors and components to the complete drive system with self-regulating energy and battery management – Baumüller always has the right solution. We support you with precision-engineered and customized drive and automation concepts.

Baumüller is your reliable partner for hybrid and all-electric E-mobility solutions.

How you benefit by working with Baumüller:

  • Experience: Extensive record of successful projects
  • Future-oriented: Efficient and powerful hybrid and all-electric drives
  • Know-how: System integrator with its own products for E-mobility
  • Customized service scope: From engineering to service, depending on your requirements
  • E-mobility specialists: From drive design to commissioning
  • Full flexibility: Supplier network, adaptations to standard products possible
  • Manufacture independence: System solutions with Baumüller drive technology or in combination with products from other manufacturers
  • World-wide service

Product solutions and services for E-mobility

Quick info

  • Energy-efficient components and system solutions for hybrid and all-electric drive systems
  • Years of experience
  • Disc motors for the lower-power range
  • b maXX mobile for ultra-dynamic complete solutions
  • Project design know-how and service concepts for worldwide life-cycle management

E-mobility offers many opportunities: Innovative ideas are in great demand and require intelligent implementation. Under the motto green in motion, Baumüller offers energy-efficient components for hybrid and all-electric drive systems.

Our disc motors are also a suitable solution for mobile applications in the low-power range, e.g. for auxiliary drives or intralogistics. Along with the b maXX mobil controller, we offer an ultra-dynamic complete solution for capacities up to 7 kW.

In addition to components and systems, the Baumüller Group offers project planning know-how and service concepts with a worldwide service network and is thus a long-term parter throughout the lifecycle of E-mobility solutions.

The perfect arguments for optimal customer benefit

  • Emission-free electric drive
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • High energy efficiency of the motor
  • Precision drive regulation
  • Customized design upon request
  • Intelligent drive and automation concept for an economical and efficient overall system

Existing customers rely on our partnership – From engineering specifications to prototype to series production

Quick info

  • Production-ready design and optimization of your motor
  • Production of small and large lot sizes between 10 and 1000 motors per year
  • A partner for your demanding projects and future technologies

Baumüller is a global leader in the development of electric drive systems. Through our diverse product program in the field of motors we have extensive production expertise. We are thus your partner for production-ready design and optimization of your motor for lot sizes between 10 and over 1000 motors per year. As a non-group-affiliated, mid-sized company, we are able to respond to your requests quickly and efficiently with innovative drive solutions. This makes us the perfect partner for challenging projects and future technologies.

Our know-how from industrial motor building is rounded out with experience in mobile drives and their special requirements. Demands associated with temperature, dust and humidity are addressed with special cooling versions and appropriate sealing measures.

We are your partners as you travel the road to an electric future.

your e-mobility partner

Your advantages:

  • Production-ready design and development from the prototype all the way to pre-production – All from a single source
  • Reduction of your time-to-market with our know-how
  • High energy efficiency and power density of electric motors with low noise emissions
  • Increased competitiveness by combining new motor concepts with innovative production technologies

e-Truck - drive solutions for e-commercial vehicles

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