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Motion Libraries

Components that intelligently link to make numerous machine solutions feasible

What is the motion library?

The motion library is a software library developed by Baumüller that can control motion sequences for motor-based axes of a system. This is made possible by numerous pre-fabricated modules.Baumüller Motion LibrariesThe motion library is a software library developed by Baumüller that can control motion sequences for motor-based axes of a system

The foundation: Basic Libraries

The basic libraries contain far more than 500 different modules that are responsible for the machine's motion sequences and software functionalities. The blocks within the basic libraries are certified according to PLCOpen.

For all those who want more: The extended library and the machine modules

In addition to the base library with motion modules as per PLCopen, Baumüller offers an expanded library of specific modules as well as machine modules with comprehensive functionalities for quick and easy engineering. Each machine module is tailored to key machine functions and is optimally adjusted to the respective type of application.

What the motion library offers

With motion libraries based on the PLCopen standard, you can implement both Axis and Multi Axis as well as 3D-Axis functionality. The addition of modules from the Coordinated Motion (=3D-axis) area is new, which can be used to implement multi-axis systems with three motor axes.

Your options

The motion functionalities can be used directly in the controller as drive-integrated controls (b maXX drivePLC) or, for example, in the box PC PCC-04. The standard IEC 61131 programming languages are used.

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Advantages / Customer benefits

Manufacturers who would like to develop multi-axis machines with basic functions such as milling, cutting or even individual motion sequences with little effort will receive a modular automation solution that can be adapted to different applications thanks to the motion libraries from Baumüller. The main advantages of using Baumüller's machine modules for multi-axis applications are the reduced costs, the simple handling during the project planning and commissioning and therefore the much shorter time-to-market. 

The motion libraries are consistent, optimally tailored to automation tasks of any kind and build on each other. Developed industry expertise can be stored in your own libraries, managed and recalled again at any time.

Using international standards and technology-specific extensions from Baumüller guarantees maximum investment security.

More information about the basic libraries and the extended libraries can be found on the following subpages:


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