Extrusion machines

Baumüller offers energy-efficient direct drive technology for extrusion machines. This minimizes transmission losses, reduces background noise during operation and increases machine reliability. At the same time, the elimination of gears reduces the contact area of the machines, which can be designed more compactly.

Water-cooled motors can be employed for special environmental conditions, such as when processing powder or during production in regions with high air humidity.

ExtrusionsmaschinenImage source: www.kraussmaffei.com

Benefits for your machine concept

Energy efficiency and economy

  • Significant savings in energy consumption
  • PLC in the drive and external temperature regulation
  • Reduced life cycle costs

Product and process quality

  • Maximum torque at minimum speeds
  • Increased overall efficiency of the drive system
  • Maintenance-free drive elements for increased machine availability
  • Compact machine design

Your benefits

  • Precise control dynamics for synchronous running
  • Constant quality at the highest level
  • Elimination of gears, couplings and belts

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