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Intelligent power management system BAS-PCS

Controls all types of energy generation with regard to efficiency

The BAS-PCS software programmed by Baumüller controls, among other things, demand-based power output of the units in the drive system. The software is not only suitable for different technologies such as generators, batteries, and fuel cells, but also for different fuels such as methanol, e-fuels, and diesel. BAS-PCS manages the energy demand not only for fossil fuels but also for e-fuels and combinations of these.

The intelligent power management system adjusts the energy supply, for example, to the speed of the generators, so that the energy generated is precisely what the ship currently needs. This means, for example, that the vessel is only driven by one generator when traveling at moderate speed. If the ship needs to move faster or maneuver, the second generator is automatically switched on in a matter of seconds. The speed at which the software switches on the second engine renders it unnecessary for both engines to run continuously, thereby eliminating the need for a redundant system.

marine displays bas pcsSaves energy: At moderate speeds, the ship is operated with only one generator (left). If the vessel needs to travel faster, the second generator (on the right) is automatically switched on in a matter of seconds. The BAS-PCS software programmed by Baumüller controls connection of the units with regard to efficiency

The BAS-PCS smart power management system makes it possible for ships to receive approval for running only one unit when in operation. This saves fuel. If maximum power should be required quickly in emergency situations, this is detected by the system and made available accordingly.

Synchronization to the shore network: Power supply with shore power systeme

In addition, the power management system handles the synchronization with the shore power system when the ship is docked. This way, the ship is supplied with power by the shore power system and the diesel-powered power supply can be disconnected from the on-board electrical system. The system is designed in such a way that other energy sources, such as battery or fuel cell, can also be added.

Dashboard with current operating status of all drives

A monitor on the control console clearly shows information about the current operating status of all drives. The skipper is thus always kept informed and additional energy and therefore fuel are saved by the system’s self-regulation.

Baumüller is a partner for shipyards, system integrators and ship owners, as well as being an independent supplier of complete systems.

Baumüller intelligent power management system eliminates the need for redundancy and saves additional fuel

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VSS Emmerich: Thomas Scholz, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, discusses the advantages of the power management system

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In addition to drives, the Baumüller Group also offers project planning expertise, control units, service concepts, and more, and is thus a long-term partner throughout the life cycle of marine propulsion systems.

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