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b maXX 5500 - Servo drives for high outputs up to 315 kW

The b maXX 5300 side-by-side converters have been extended to mono units in the 5500 series. This way, outputs of 1.1 to 315 kW can be covered and better safety functions such as SLS (safely limited speed) and SLP (safely limited position) can be integrated into high performances.

Powerful mono units in seven sizes

The b maXX 5500 is available in seven sizes. Rectifiers, intermediate circuit capacities and inverters are integrated in all devices.

b maXX 5500

Drive packages for outputs up to 315 kW

A wide range of cooling variants allows the selection of an optimally adapted cooling system. For example, the use of push-through technology can reduce power loss in the control cabinet. Depending on the application, cost-intensive cooling and air-conditioning systems can be dispensed with. In addition, water cooling reduces the construction volume, making economical control cabinet designs feasible. In combination with the powerful DST2, DS2 or DA motors, you get a drive package that is optimally tailored to your application.


Application solutions for extruders

Servoantrieb ExtrusionWith sensorless synchronous operation and integrated thrust bearings with internal toothing, which can absorb axial forces of up to 470 kN, we offer optimal solutions for screws. Energy-efficient direct drives can reduce the lifecycle costs of your machine and also allow for a compact machine construction.

Your advantages — Energy efficiency

With its comprehensive product range, Baumüller offers system solutions up to 315 kW, thus enabling complete machine families to be equipped. Thanks to our many years of experience and innovative strength, we offer customized drive solutions for extrusion processes.

  • Scalable in functional range and drive power
  • System supplier with a comprehensive product range
  • Extensive industry expertise

We also have solutions for downstream processes such as blown film lines, such as direct drives with minimal torque ripple or a hollow shaft for media feed-through.

The extensive range of servo motors and converters makes a direct contribution to the efficiency and performance of complete systems.

BMN Applikationen 2020 11

Fieldbus systems

bm5000 fieldbus

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Technical data for the b maXX 5500

Supply voltage: 207–528 V ± 0% AC
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated supply voltage: 400 V
DC link voltage: 540 V rated voltage
Clock frequency: 2/4/8 kHz
Output voltage: 0–95% of the supply voltage
Electronic supply voltage: external 24 V DC (diagnostic capability)
Fan connection: Size 1–3: 24 V DC; Size 4–7: 230 V AC ± 10%
Certification: CE, CSA, UL

Height and depth without mounting brackets.
Depth of the air-cooled variants including the required bend radius of the connecting cables.

1) Depth of air cooling / depth of water cooling
2) for 1 second
3) single-phase
4) only air cooling available

Subject to change without prior notice

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