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b maXX 5700 - Nominal load units

The application-specific servo drives for continuous loads

b maXX 5600 - SpitzenlastgeräteThe tried-and-tested b maXX automation and drive solution has been extended with the nominal load devices of the 5700 series. The servo drives are available in three sizes.

Some applications demand maximum performance from the drive system during the complete machine cycle. This is why the nominal load devices of the b maXX series were developed as optimized servo drives with the aim of significantly increasing the nominal currents compared to b maXX series devices with the same construction volume. In this way, drives can be dimensioned according to the actual power requirements of an application, making them much more efficient in operation.

Although the series have higher loads, they are available in smaller sizes, minimizing the space required in the control cabinet – so users profit in two ways.

b maXX 5700 — Your advantages at a glance

  • Optimized drive solution for the respective industry requirement
  • Optimum drive dimensioning thanks to the availability of numerous sizes
  • Less space required in the control cabinet thanks to the smaller construction volume of the devices and the use of water cooling, making the control cabinet design more cost-effective
  • Reduced cooling costs in the control cabinet with water cooling
  • Uniformity with other devices of the b maXX series

Fieldbus systems

bm5000 fieldbus

Technical data b maXX 5700

1) for 1 second with a cycle of 5 seconds
2) compact design, water-cooled
Subject to alteration

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