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Sustainable drive solutions for plastics machines

Numerous companies from a wide range of fields in the plastics sector have been relying on the innovative capacity and expertise of Baumüller for years. Baumüller also plays an important pioneering role in the development of high-torque motors and the servo pump solution.

Baumüller offers dynamic and precision application solutions from a single source. We develop innovative and tailored solutions according to your requirements, which are implemented either as an individual module or a complete system and provide you with decisive competitive advantages.

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Plastic is one of the most diverse and adaptable materials in the world. Numerous industries use it. However, virgin material is becoming increasingly less abundant. A rethink is the order of the day. An increasing number of plastic processors now use recycled material. The recyclate fraction is expected to rise to around 50 percent by 2050.

Sustainable drive solutions

Sustainability and Circular Economy

sustainability and circular economy

Global warming and the measures introduced by politicians to meet global climate targets are giving the issues of sustainability and the circular economy a considerable boost. The processing of recyclate, the design and use of thin-walled products in order to reduce the use of material or, for example, the substitution of heavy metallic materials with plastics in the area of e-mobility are being implemented with ever greater consistency.

Digital tools
for the optimum

Baumüller SmartValue

Digitalization also plays an important role in the ambitious climate targets. It is a powerful tool for using the potential of the drive technology with optimal manpower and resources efficiently, for example, by using simulation software: With the help of the digital twin, drive components can be designed efficiently and put into service virtually. Another example are the modern communication interfaces for intelligent machine communication in the production cluster, with peripheral devices or, for example, with downstream and upstream value-adding steps.

Efficient drive technology versus rising energy costs

boost your electrification level

The use of electric drive technology with its high precision and dynamics makes an important contribution to high productivity with very good process reliability. This reduces rejects to a minimum and therefore enables further savings. In addition, energy-efficient drive concepts help to reduce the overall energy requirements. Baumüller offers a very suitable portfolio of solutions for the electrification of the drive axes in plastics machines. This enables the realization of hybrid and fully electric machines.

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Installation options for torque motors

Injection molding machines

Injection molding machinesBaumüller offers a comprehensive portfolio for hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric injection molding machines. These servo pump solutions have been reducing the energy requirement in hydraulic and hybrid machines for many years. For fully electric injection molding machines in the power range up to 200 kW, Baumüller offers the compact b maXX 5000 modular system with water and air cooling options.

Extrusion machines

Extrusion machinesBaumüller offers energy-efficient direct drive technology for extrusion machines. This minimizes transmission losses, reduces background noise during operation and increases machine reliability. At the same time, the compact design of the extruders eliminates the need for gears, thus reducing the contact area.

Blow-molding machines

Blow-molding machinesBaumüller's servo pump solution is the optimum solution for reducing the energy requirement in blow-molding machines. Water-cooled motors and converters in particular excel with their highly compact design and rapid heat dissipation.

Thermoforming machines

Thermoforming machinesBaumüller offers a complete automation solution for fast, high-precision thermo­forming machines. From the dynamic, water-cooled servo motors for reducing the heat input in the machine to the control unit with corresponding ready-made motion modules, e.g. for temperature control, Baumüller offers a complete system including hardware and software. Here, too, the com­pact and flexible b maXX 5300 modular system offers many advantages.

Blown film machines

Bblown film machines Recycling and reusing plastics to reduce the use of resources is a sustainable solution. The use of recyclate helps to decrease CO2 release. We offer highly efficient drive systems that help to reduce emissions. Green and high-precision synchronous motors also offer a very high efficiency within the partial load range and are therefore ideally suited for blown film machines.

Calender machines

Calender machinesThe use of direct drive technology makes it possible to produce very high-quality films, since torque fluctuations can be reduced even at low speeds by eliminating the need for gears. The cogging torque is almost completely compensated by specific functionalities in the converter in conjunction with the servo motors. Perfect for calender machines for the manufacture of plastic films.

Handling systemsHandling systems

Baumüller also offers economical and efficient solutions for your material handling application as well as for the finishing and further processing of plastic parts in such areas as insertion, removal, deburring, assembly or sorting. From motors, converters and control technology to control systems and software solutions for motion functions, Baumüller offers a wide range of handling and automation concepts.

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