Successfully integrating direct drive technology in your machines

Installation options for torque motors and a lot more!

Because there are no gears, direct drives offer numerous advantages over traditional motor-transmission combinations, such as greater compactness, high energy efficiency and low service costs. Which applications benefit from this? When is a change really worth while? To get to the bottom of these issues, our experts will take a look at the different drive options available. In the webcast you will also receive interesting information on other advantages of direct drive technology, the different installation options and reference projects.

In the webcast you will learn:

  • Why direct drives offer many advantages in the long term and in which cases a change is worth while
  • Which applications can be implemented with torque motors
  • Which drive options are available to choose from
  • Which mounting options exist for integration on the machine

You can find more information on Baumüller's direct drive technology in our webcast, which can be downloaded by filling out the fields in the form.

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