DST2 ship motors

Increased energy efficiency in ship propulsion

Hybrid drive systems have recently become a popular and efficient alternative for inland shipping — and not only due to new legal regulations for environmental protection. Numerous advantages make the combination of a diesel engine and electric motor a profitable solution for a number of reasons.

Certified by Lloyd's Register

Our high-torque motors' compliance with the specific requirements of inland shipping has been confirmed by Lloyd's Register. The British classification organization has been testing components and complete systems in ship construction and other sectors since 1760 and has now certified the DST2 motors in 315 and 400 installation sizes.

Our high-torque motors can be ordered with wing mounts, allowing the feet to be diametrically arranged on the outer diameter of the motor to facilitate integration into the ship's structure.

Your benefits:

  • Up to 20 % fuel savings
  • Emission-free in pure electric mode
  • Low noise and vibration thanks to excellent smooth running characteristics
  • Improves maneuverability due to high thrust, even at low speeds
  • Optimized operating costs via a smaller diesel engine

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