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DST2 ship motors

For greater energy efficiency in shipping

Exhaust gas regulations are becoming increasingly stringent: With a hybrid or electric drive, the motor always runs in the optimum speed range, thereby increasing efficiency while reducing emissions.

In view of the small installation space available, the water-cooled DST2 Baumüller torque motors are particularly impressive due to their high power density and great spatial compactness. They are suitable both as electric motors in fully electric or battery-electric propulsion systems and in hybrid ship propulsion systems as electric traction drives. DST2 ship motors are available with power ratings from 2 to 875 kW and nominal speeds between 50 and 1500 rpm. In addition, Baumüller offers motors with an output of up to 3 MW for specific projects.

Schaft Marine MotorAll-electric drive shaft with Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) propeller: total power 3 MW | Source: Hundested Propeller A/S

Certified by Lloyd’s Register, DNV, and Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

DST2 high-torque motors are certified by Lloyd’s Register and meet the specific requirements for shipping. The water-cooled direct drives are not susceptible to dirt accumulation and run with low noise. The British classification company has been inspecting components and complete systems in shipbuilding and other industries since 1760 and has certified our size 315 and 400 DST2 ship motors.

Individual approvals of the motors via other classification societies, such as DNV or Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, can be arranged on an individual basis.

dst2 ship motor

Robust high-torque motors for high demands

High torques, good smooth-running properties, and energy efficiency thanks to a high level of efficiency make the high-torque motors ideally suited for demanding applications. Since in hybrid ship drives, unlike diesel-operated ships, the full torque is already available from the beginning in the lower rotational speed range, maneuverability is significantly improved. With their compact and robust construction, the ship motors take up minimal space in the engine room and are well suited for rough conditions on the water.

The motors can optionally be ordered with wing mounts. Here, the feet are diametrically arranged on the outer diameter of the motor to facilitate integration into the ship’s structure.

DST2 135-560: Powerful ship motors

  • Excellent smooth-running characteristics
  • Energy-efficient thanks to the high level of efficiency in the drive package
  • Suitable for demanding direct drive technology
  • High torques at low speeds
  • Low noise
  • Water cooling unit of stainless steel
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Smooth housing surface - not susceptible to accumulating dirt
  • Permanent-magnet high-torque motors
  • Encoders: Resolver, SinCos (optional), digital encoders (optional)
  • Other encoders on request

Complete package for your ship propulsion

For a powerful and clean alternative, DST2 ship motors are, among other things, ideally suited for parallel hybrid ship propulsion. Here, the diesel engine and the electric motor drive the ship’s propeller.

dst2 parallel hybrid 

The ship propulsion system thereby achieves a total output of 455–1470 kW (618–1998 hp).

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Cooling methods

cooling water


cooling oil



DST2 high-torque motors are available in water-cooled and oil-cooled versions.






spektrum dst2

Technical data DST2

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