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Drive solutions for injection molding machines

Baumüller offers a comprehensive portfolio for servo-hydraulic, hybrid, and fully electric injection molding machines. With optional regenerative systems, intelligent software and simulation solutions, as well as efficient synchronous motor technology. The drive technology products make an important contribution to the energy-efficient and precise production of even highly complex injection molding parts.


Clamping drive

Fast build-up of the closing force and dynamic movement of the toggle kinematics are decisive for the clamping drive.   Find out more

Ejector drive

The requirements of high-speed injection molding machines and the characteristics of dynamic synchronous motors were taken into consideration and perfected for the ejector drive.


The powerful b maXX HMIs offer a comprehensive, integrated software package and other features.   Find out more

Plasticizing drive

In the energy-intensive plastification process, efficient drive technology can reduce the energy consumption significantly.   Find out more

Injection drive

The injection process is of decisive importance, in order to produce exact and precise injection molded parts.   Find out more

Servo drives

Baumüller offers all kinds of different system solutions for the injection molding industry.   Find out more


The servo pump solution reduces the energy requirement in hydraulic and hybrid machines.   Find out more

Benefits of the electric drives and intelligent controller functions

Clamping drive

  • Extremely compact type of construction and excellent dynamics for compact machine designs and short cycle times
  • Intelligent “error response to encoder breakage” controller function protects against tool damage

Plasticizing drive

  • High energy efficiency, even within the partial load range
  • Shorter cycle times due to parallel functions
  • Direct drives enable a compact machine construction even with multi-layer processes

Injection drive

  • High accuracy due to precise control
  • Intelligent “PWM frequency switchover” controller function enables longer dwell times for higher product quality
  • Intelligent “gantry” controller function for modular electrification of the injection unit

Ejector drive

  • Extremely compact type of construction and excellent dynamics for compact machine designs
  • Prevention of oil contamination of end products in the tool space
  • Flexible integration in the machine room


  • Significantly lower energy consumption through control of the pump drive
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Higher process and product quality
  • Monitoring of the thermal pump load

Servo drives

  • Compact system saves control cabinet space
  • Ethernet-based field buses enable vertical integration in the control architecture
  • Flexible drive topologies up to 315 kW
  • Intelligent controller functions

Hydraulics vs. Servo-hydraulics
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► Detecting and preventing wear in servo hydraulics


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