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Whistleblowing system

You have the opportunity to use the reporting system below to report known or suspected violations in connection with the so-called EU Whistleblower Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/1937), implemented in Germany by the Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz, which concern a company of the Baumüller Group (including Nürmont Installations GmbH & Co. KG) or its employees.

This applies to criminally relevant or near-criminal offences against e.g. *:

  • Laws, ordinances and other regulations
  • Tax, financial law and money laundering
  •  Competition and internal market regulations
  •  Traffic and product safety and certificates of conformity
  •  Environmental protection, health protection
  •  Consumer protection
  •  Protection of privacy and personal data
  •  Security of network and information systems

Furthermore, violations of the Baumüller "Business Code of Conduct" are received.

In addition, the reporting system mentioned below offers you the opportunity to report violations of human rights and environmental violations with regard to the Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtgesetz.

For example, the following violations in the Baumüller Group, its supply chain or its employees can be reported:

  • Forced labour
  • Child labour
  •  Discrimination in any form
  •  Compliance with working conditions
  •  Endangering data protection and privacy
  •  Endangering health and safety in the workplace
  •  Corruption and bribery

The whistleblower system is not available for general complaints or product and warranty enquiries.

It goes without saying that all reports will be treated in strict confidence. Furthermore, you must not suffer any disadvantages as a result of submitting complaints in a professional context.

The following reporting options are available to you:

Internal Reporting Channel

Telefon:                                 +49 1754327587

Post:                                       Herrn Kai Scharf, Ostendstr. 80-90, D-90482 Nürnberg


Digital Reporting System

► Report via Digital Reporting System

This digital reporting system, which is operated by the external service provider TACTO, guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the reporting channel. Please note that the confidentiality of the transmission channel may not be guaranteed when reporting via e-mail.

Further processing of the complaint will be carried out by the legal department of Baumüller Holding GmbH & Co. KG as the joint reporting centre for all companies of the Baumüller Group.

External Reporting Channel

The organisations of the Federal Government and/or the Federal States or the corresponding authorities of the respective country are also available to you as external reporting channels.

* In the context of the Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz, we would like to point out that the international business units are subject to the relevant laws and regulations of the respective country.

Please note that the provisions of this law may also be in conjunction with other local laws of the foreign entities.