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Fully electric commercial vehicles and road vehicles

Worldwide, cities and conurbations are having to deal with smog and high fine dust values with increasing frequency. One possibility for changing this and improving the quality of life in these areas is the changeover to electrically operated commercial and road vehicles. Apart from fewer emissions, less noise, improved acceleration performance and the recovery of the braking energy are some of the other advantages of fully electric commercial vehicles.

Baumüller develops compact drive systems with a very high energy efficiency for fully-electric commercial vehicles and is a reliable partner for the concept, engineering and development of individual drive concepts for commercial and road vehicles.

Contemporary e-drive systems for commercial vehiclesContemporary e-drive systems for commercial vehicles

Plenty of know-how in the e-mobility sector

Baumüller makes use of its many decades of experience in developing motors and producing electric motors, and for quite some time now has offered energy-efficient components and complete solutions for hybrid and fully electric drive systems. The low-noise and low-emission drive solutions are used, among other things, in hybrid agricultural machines, tracked vehicles and fully-electric city buses, to name just a few examples.

Precise and individual: From the electric motor to the complete system

From individual motors and components to the complete drive system with self-regulating energy and battery management – Baumüller always has the right solution. We support you with precise and customized drive and automation concepts.

Flexible projects from motors to complete systems
Flexible projects

from motors to complete systems

Technology concepts from hybrid to fully electric
Technology concepts

from hybrid to fully electric

Turnkey partnership for complete drive systems
Turnkey partnership

for complete drive systems

Lifecycle management for system optimization
Lifecycle management

for system optimization

Baumüller’s engineering company, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, designs and implements innovative drive concepts for commercial vehicles and implements them comprehensively, i.e. from battery management and the control system to the user-friendly user interface.

Baumüller customers profit from:

  • Experience: Extensive record of successful projects
  • Focus on the future: Efficient and powerful hybrid and fully electric drives
  • Expertise: System integrator with its own products for e-mobility
  • Customized scope of services: From engineering to service, tailored to your requirements
  • Specialists in e-mobility: From drive design to commissioning
  • Full flexibility: Supplier network, adaptations to standard products possible
  • Manufacturer independence: System solutions with Baumüller drive technology or in combination with products from other manufacturers
  • Worldwide service: Baumüller is represented in more than 40 locations worldwide
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Successful electrifications

Smart drive solution for battery-operated 18 ton electric truck

The mobile Baumüller drive solution is used successfully in an electrically operated 18 t truck. The range of the truck is up to 270 kilometers. The e-truck can transport a payload of between 12 and 26 tonnes and thanks to its e-drive, the running costs are around 65 percent lower than a comparable truck with diesel drive. It emits no fine dust and runs almost noiselessly. And cleaner and quieter delivery is also definitely an image gain.

eTruck - E-Mobility for functional vehicles

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Electric city busFully electric city bus: Quiet, emission-free and ideal for urban traffic

Emission-free mobility: Innovative drive solutions for fully electric city buses

Environmentally friendly driving is also possible in public transport with electrically operated vehicles. What is more difficult with cars, as range problems and standstill times have to be put up with, is long since reality for city buses – also because of the foreseeable routes. Emission-free public transport is a further component for emission-free mobility. Battery-operated electric buses are an adequate alternative to buses with a conventional diesel drive.


Range booster: Battery-operated electric fixed-route bus with range extender

Instead of with a larger battery, fully-electric commercial vehicles can also extend their range with a range extender (REEV = “Range Extended Electric Vehicle”). This drive solution involves a small combustion engine with generator, which only starts up if the battery is largely empty. The range extender supplies additional electricity for the battery, but does not drive the vehicle directly.

Baumüller has developed a range extender for fully-electric fixed-route buses. The 80 kW version of a drive system is driven by a relatively small combustion engine run on ethanol, and as a generator, feeds into the on-board battery, which in turn supplies the traction drive.

The advantage of this system is that the ethanol motor runs very efficiently with constant speed and the drive system can permanently charge the drive system. This average power of up to 80 kW is completely sufficient for fixed-route buses. Power peaks on starting up or on the freeway are covered by the battery, which is then repeatedly recharged at times with lower load, for example, when waiting at the traffic lights. With the support of the range extender, the bus can run the whole day and must only plug into the charging station at night, if necessary.

drive system of electric city busesThe drive system of the electric city buses with permanently excited synchronous motor, integrated four quadrant frequency converter and three-gear dual-clutch transmission

Drive solution for battery-operated electric 65-seat buses

The Canadian company Kinetics Drive Solutions integrated a compact drive with an output of 140 kW into fully electric city buses. Thanks to the fixed routes and therefore precisely foreseeable energy demand of the buses, they are almost predestined for the use of electric drives. The 65-seat buses are driven by a drive system in conjunction with a three-gear dual-clutch transmission. To solve the range problem and to avoid charging times and long standstill times, a system for automatic battery changing was also developed.


Electric fixed-route bus in China

Baumüller hats equipped city buses in China with drives

Baumüller has also successfully electrified city buses in China. The two bus types, one 18 m long and with three axles and one 12 m long bus with two axles, are each equipped with two 140 kW drives. The energy is supplied by overhead contact lines with current collectors, whereby longer operation purely from the battery is also possible.


Snowcat: Drive solution for special ambient conditions

Snowcat with fully-electric drive

Fluctuating ambient conditions are more the rule that the exception for mobile drives and can even differ within extreme ranges. In mobile use, highly increased temperature ranges are to be expected. The temperature range required in general vehicle construction extends from -40°C to +85°C, in some cases it can be even higher, for example, when the motor or generator has direct contact to a combustion engine.

A snowcat in high mountain ranges must function under completely different conditions than an electric bus in city traffic. The numerous load tests and challenges are individually included in the design of the respective fully-electric drive concept.

The right drive for every application: A fully-electric drive concept is also used in demanding environmental conditions, such as for snowcats.

Excerpt from our projects

Battery-operated electric truck with Baumüller motors

Battery-operated electric truck with Baumüller motors

Foam pressure proportioning system with controller and motor from Baumüller

Foam pressure proportioning system with controller and motor from Baumüller

Schäffer 23e and 24e electric loaders with drive concept from Baumüller

Schäffer 23e and 24e electric loaders with drive concept from Baumüller



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