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Technology functions directly in the drive

Drive-based solutions without additional control hardware

Baumüller offers software solutions for control, movement control and analysis, which run directly on the drive. The servo drives of the b maXX 5000/6000 family are equipped with the integrated high-performance b maXX-softdrivePLC control platform. This enables the control functions and motion control to be installed directly in the drive. This means that programs can be run highly synchronous with the fast controller clock speed. The technology functions can therefore respond to changes in the process far more dynamically, which lead to higher precision and control quality. An additional advantage is the modularity: The flexible topology allows individual functions to be additionally integrated in the machine concept depending on the requirements.

Drive intelligence through b maXX-softdrivePLC

b maXX-softdrivePLC

The b maXX-softdrivePLC runs as part of the firmware in the b maXX servo converters of the 5000, 6000 and 3000 series and is suitable for single and double-axis applications. The drive-integrated PLC can be used to move control functions from the central PLC into the drive. In addition, the data available in the drive can be used for analyses – completely without any external sensors.

Numerous preconfigured software modules, which can be used for movement control, control tasks or analysis functions directly in the drive, are available for the extended variant of the b maXX-softdrivePLC.

softdriveplc extended

Movement control,
for example, for cross-cutters, control of servo hydraulic systems, ...

Analysis of the controller data:
Smart energy monitoring, Smart condition monitoring, ...


High-performance and modular:
Motion & control functions in the drive

If the controller or movement control are relocated to directly in the drive, reaction times are shortened and accuracy is therefore increased. The technology modules are available as ready-to-use packages.

puzzle servopump

Servo pump machine module

Servo hydraulics for hydraulic and hybrid machines

puzzle crosscutter

Cross-cutter machine module

Cross-cutter function, e.g. for cutting to size materials

Cut process costs with analytics in the drive

Machine manufacturers can use the analytics modules to offer their customers added value without using additional hardware. Use data already available such as power, current, torque, speed, or temperature, for example, to monitor the operating state of the machine.

puzzle smart energy

Smart Energy Monitoring

Energy consumption analytics

puzzle smart Condition Monitoring

Smart Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring analytics