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Smart Energy Monitoring

Analyze energy consumption directly in the drive without external hardware.

programming drive intelligence

In times of rising energy costs, solutions are in demand that can help determine energy consumption and then reduce it in a targeted way. The smart energy monitoring software function records the energy consumption of each drive and presents it transparently.

The software is loaded directly onto the servo-controller. This makes it easy to retrofit and update, allowing the machine manufacturer to market it as an additional function. Energy consumption is recorded directly via the intelligent drive. This saves additional costs for unnecessary external sensors and reduces the necessary wiring and the space required in the machine’s control cabinet.

smart energy monitoring dashboard

The smart energy monitoring software function can be used not only to identify and use potential optimizations, but also for mechanical changes based on the energy consumption. Based on the energy flow and the ration of consumption to regeneration or recycling, each process change is also mapped in energy terms.

The energy measurement is performed autonomously and in real time in the Baumüller b maXX servo converters. Measurement and results can be easily displayed through machine visualization or on the dashboard displays of open IoT interfaces for alternative devices, such as OPC and UA.

How smart energy monitoring works

The smart energy monitoring function is integrated in Baumüller drives. The energy consumption is recorded directly by the intelligent drive and the smart energy monitoring function uses this data, among other things, to calculate and present the current internal energy profiles (e.g. regenerated energy) of the drive. These values can then be used to optimize the production process in energy terms

Energy monitoring in the drive without sensor

The smart energy monitoring software function is integrated in the softdrivePLC of the Baumüller converter and can be operated via a vendor-neutral API (application programming interface). The energy measurement thus takes place autonomously and in the fast controller clock speed in the Baumüller servo drives.

b maXX-softdrivePLC

b maXX-softdrivePLC

The drive-integrated PLC runs as part of the firmware in the b maXX servo converters.

Optionally, a software module in the higher-level PLC can then analyze the transmitted measured values and then, among other things, calculate the actual energy consumption per cycle for each axis and across all axes. External energy loads can also be included in the evaluation and stored for chronological evaluation at a later date.

Existing topology

Existing topology

Topology with Baumüller

Topology with Baumüller

The smart energy monitoring software function is applied in the b maXX-softdrivePLC of the Baumüller converter and can be operated via a higher-level control unit. Compared to the existing solutions, the need for external measuring devices is removed

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost and space savings: No need for external hardware, reduction of wiring work and hardware costs
  • Transparency of the energy flows The basis for efficiency optimizations, reduction of energy costs and wear detection
  • Ready-to-use: Validated and tested software package saves development time and costs
  • Retrofittable: Without the technical effort for retrofits
  • Engineering as a service: We will also solve your challenge!

Determining and reducing the product carbon footprint

Machine builders and machine operators benefit in equal measure from the drive-integrated smart energy monitoring function. It enables optimization of energy use in the machine and thus reduces operating energy costs. The presentation of the energy consumption per item facilitates cost calculations and determination of the product carbon footprint (PCF).