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Our technology solutions

Automation software and drive simulation for your application

Our goal is to create a competitive advantage for your machines. Our developments therefore also focus on the added value that we want to offer alongside the drive system hardware with our technology solutions.

Benefit from the possibility of freely combining the individual technology solutions such as templates, libraries and drive-integrated modules and optimally adapting them to your needs. Protect your automation know-how with your own libraries; draw on your stored knowledge for new projects and reduce your project planning effort.

Also use our drive simulation to ensure optimal functionality and operating reliability of the machine in advance at the desk, without taking the risk of selecting the wrong drive.

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Drive vs. control-based concepts – flexibility made by Baumüller

The choice is yours: Our motion control technology can be used as control-based or drive-based solutions. We therefore provide you with maximum flexibility when setting up your machine architecture.

The drive-integrated b maXX PLC di control unit and the b maXX-softdrivePLC enable highly synchronized movement control, maximum speeds and a modular layout of machines and plants. The complete or partial relocation of individual control tasks into the drive, enables in particular the implementation of decentralized automation concepts. In addition, the data available in the drive can be used for analyses such as energy monitoring.

Thanks to the platform-independent Baumüller technology solutions, automation concepts can be realized not only with an embedded PLC but also with an industrial PC. A large number of templates & libraries are available for this. The b maXX PLC mc control platform and the b maXX-PCC control motion control applications and, thanks to the extensive Baumüller technology libraries, can be quickly and easily used for high-performance automation tasks. Enhanced with the industry-specific Baumüller machine templates, they are the ideal solution for complete machines. In addition to the motion modules for controlling the motors, they also already include industry-specific machine functions such as winder, cross-cutter, blockage monitoring and intuitive templates for machine visualization.

Setup with drive-integrated control unit

decentralized concept

Setup with classic control unit

centralized concept

Extensive industry expertise

Baumüller has provided knowledge and support for developments in all branches of mechanical engineering for many decades and therefore has reliable process know-how extending beyond the mere components. We incorporate this know-how in the advice, project planning and the creation of software packages. With preprogrammed modules, the user can shorten their time-to-market considerably.

Our extensive industry expertise covers all areas of mechanical engineering and extends across all the different types of machines including new fields such as e-mobility and energy generation.

Fast and efficient software creation

Each application is unique yet does not necessarily mean that everything has to be reinvented — quite the opposite in fact: For the purpose of modular engineering, the aim is to fall back on the tried-and-tested and to concentrate on the specific task.

The benefits for you

  • Cost reduction: Prefabricated technology solutions for a shorter time-to-market and thus reduced initial costs
  • Industry knowledge: Use our long-standing process know-how
  • 3D motion: Make your control unit 3D-capable and use the G-code
  • Simple programming: From the motion module through to the complete machine template
  • Know-how from the professionals: Benefit from our knowledge and save valuable time

Machine protection and process advantages

Machine protection

Our technology solutions cover the complete machine development process and can be used in all the different phases.

For example, drive simulation enables exact design of the motors and avoids over-dimensioning of the servo drive. The motors then run within the optimized load range. Depending on the machine running time, energy costs can be saved in this way. Additionally, the machine’s footprint is also optimized.

The system’s performance and reliability can be further increased by numerous protection and monitoring functions.

Machine protection

Machine protection

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency



puzzle crosscutter

The cross-cutting function is always used in mechanical engineering when defined material lengths must be cut or precision machining is necessary. This can be in metalworking, e.g. a pipe cut or a paper or foil cut in other areas. Imprinting with a die is also an example of an area of use. In addition to its cross-cutter library in the control, Baumüller offers a drive-based solution for these applications. The function is integrated directly in the servo controller and therefore achieves even faster response times and greater precision.

puzzle winder

For winding and unwinding with constant tensile force, the prefabricated “Winder functions” software module ensures the correct movement sequence of the motorized axes. Thus, for example, the initial effort and costs for a winding machine can be reduced.