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Software template for industrial shredder control

Already programmed Motion-Axis shredder machine template

With the Motion-Axis shredder software template, Baumüller offers a template especially for the recycling industry. It saves developers a great deal of time, particularly during a project’s start phase, and they can fully concentrate on the process programming. The template contains a large number of the required machine functions as well as motion modules for actuating the servo motors, templates for the machine visualization, and functions such as EtherCAT diagnosis, commissioning mode, load balancing, and water cooling control.

Different shredder concepts — one machine template

The Motion-Axis shredder software template is suitable for single and twin-shaft crushers, with and without feeder, and can be integrated into different hardware concepts.

Industrial shredder concepts in comparison

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Time advantage: parameterizing instead of programming

The already programmed subsystem contains frequently needed machine functions for crushing and can be easily loaded into the shredder control system. The movements then merely have to be parameterized. The machine programmer no longer has to worry about the basics during development. For the machine builder, this means a faster time to market, and significantly reduced development expenditure.

Motion-Axis software templatePreprogrammed and ready for immediate integration: With the Motion-Axis shredder software template it is possible to control high-performance shredders with, for example, two crusher units, each with two dual-winding motors as well as a motor for the feed

Template with all basic movement control functions

In addition to the shortened development time, with the Motion-Axis Shredder software template, machine manufacturers also benefit from the recycling industry technology experience. For example, the operation of two motors with load balancing in one shaft is already preprogrammed. The customer only has to integrate the existing communication interface, and can then, among other things, control the shredder shafts directly via a speed setpoint.

A predefined interface is available for communication with a higher-level control. The connection can be made via an EtherCAT gateway or an OPC-UA server. Other interfaces can be added on request.

Template for machine visualization and improved diagnostic options

Diagnostic and remote maintenance possibilitiesImproved diagnostic options: Among other things, the user interface can be used to call up the current template status or to check the interface values

In addition to the necessary Motion libraries, the Motion-Axis shredder template also contains a user interface, for example, for diagnosing the current template status or to control the interface values. It can also be used to activate a manual mode for testing the subsystem. The subsystem can therefore be operated as a stand-alone and without a connection to the higher-level control.

The template also contains a function for commissioning. For example, if two motors are coupled mechanically to a shredder shaft, both motors can be actuated separately and thus the shredder motor can also be operated with only one motor. The function is particularly helpful for commissioning and service purposes.

By using appropriate remote maintenance solutions, it is also possible to set up a remote connection to the control system. Thus, when service is needed, the machine can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and in compliance with the highest security standards.

Template for Baumüller controls and drives

OEM interface for 3rd-party controls
  • State control and setpoint speed for each crusher shaft
  • Anybus gateway
  • OPC-UA server
Additional functions
  • Commissioning mode
  • Ethercat diagnosis for monitoring the fieldbus
  • Single or multi-step mode
  • Block monitoring for each crusher shaft
Scalable configuration of the converter
  • Multiple winding or single winding motors can be used
  • Master-slave combination through cross-communication
  • Load distribution for mechanically coupled motors

Benefits for your machine concept

  • Template is fully executable
  • Installation package for easy commissioning of the control and converter
  • Different shredder variants with one template
  • Simple integration as a subsystem through prepared interface
  • Activation of multiple-winding motors
  • Operation of two coupled motors per crushing shaft is possible
  • Fast block monitoring to protect the crushing shaft
  • Enhanced diagnostic functions included
  • Less wiring work for multiple-winding motors

System solution for shredders

With its software template, Baumüller has for many years been consistently moving towards being a full-range supplier. In addition to the software package, the system solution for shredders includes the complete main drive system with high-torque motors and servo converters including control cabinet construction as well as the control technology with hardware.

Find out more about our drive solutions for industrial shredders here.

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