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Safer applications

In addition to the qualitative approach to safety required by the EN 954-1 standard, EN 13849-1 demands a quantitative calculation of safety functions. In many installations, this leads to the use of a safety control being required. As a member of the PLCopen Safety Organization, Baumüller has taken the new safety requirements in the automation industry on board and provides PLCopen Safety-compliant security solutions that can be integrated throughout the machine's automation system.

The concept comprises centralized, modular decentralized and hybrid automation structures and is reflected across every application area. In this way, Baumüller is able to integrate its safety concept into all automation components, including communication systems and the Engineering Framework ProMaster.

safety classic-integrated

Features of integrated safety technology

  • Easy-to-implement safety-related functions
  • PLCopen Safety-compliant programming environment with certified libraries
  • Holistic integration of safety solutions in ProMaster
  • Combined standard and safety technology
  • Scalable for simple and complex machines
  • Conforms with (future) applicable standards
  • Reduces system costs (total costs)
  • Shortens response times within the system
  • Simple commissioning and effective diagnosis
  • Simplified certification of the safety application

Pluggable safety for the b maXX 5000

Our four modules for the b maXX 5000, in the form of plug-in cards, are the ideal solution for drive-based safety. Depending on the application, the machine manufacturer can quickly and flexibly adapt the converter to match the requirements.

bm safetymodules

 Safety functionsSafely accessible viaParameter memory
SAF-000 - - yes
SAF-001 STO I/O yes
SAF-002 STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SDI, SLS, SBC I/O and fieldbus yes
SAF-003 STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLA, SLS, SLP, SLI, SDI, SBC,SSM,SCA I/O and fieldbus yes

Threefold safety with our safety modules

The safety modules SAF-001, -002 and -003 ensure the required level of safety both to current standards and for the future. The scalable functionality of these modules ensures the b maXX 5000 perfectly satisfies the requirements of the EN ISO 13849 to SIL 3 and EN 62061 to PLe standards.

By simply plugging in the SAF modules, the user can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. All modules are equipped with an integrated parameter memory, which contains all safe and unsafe parameters that are set on the b maXX's drive controller. The safety functions are selected via the safe I/Os or EtherCAT FSoE on the safety module.

Set drive safety parameters easily and intuitively with ProSafePara

Baumüller is one of the few drive and automation vendors providing universal, integrated safety solutions for centralized, modular decentralized and hybrid automation structures which comply with the standards of Machinery Directive EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061 up to Performance Level e and Safety Integrity Level 3. The ProMaster engineering tool supports parametrization of the b maXX safety modules SAF-002 and SAF-003. ProMaster allows scalable integration of b maXX 5000 safety modules into standard automation equipment using the integrated and secure ProSafePara parametrization environment.

prosafepara sls de

Parametrization page for SLS (safe speed) safety function

Via ProSafePara, the safety technology is fully integrated into the ProMaster engineering tool and accesses the same project database. ProSafePara was developed in accordance with the requirements of standard IEC 61508 and covers the entire range of safety requirements up to SIL 3, so completely safe parametrization of the SAF-002 and SAF-003 safety modules is guaranteed.

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