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Cable assembly

Customized wiring harnesses or individual conductors are individually preassembled with standard connectors and contacts.

Cable assembly

Our range of services:

  • Customized individual production
  • Industrial series production
  • Special cables, wiring harnesses, cable sets
  • Single and multi-pole cables and wires up to 185 mm²
  • High temperature and special wires
  • Ribbon cables
  • Soldered connections
  • Screw connections
  • Crimp connections to IEC 352-2 DIN 41611 T.3
  • Insulation displacement connections according to IEC 352-3 and 352-4
  • Spring clamp connections to DIN 41611 T.7
Cable manufacturing

Our machinery for the highest quality standards

  • Automatic cable assembly equipment
  • Semi- and fully automatic crimping machines
  • Cutting to length and stripping machines
  • Automatic cable labeling
  • Automatic test equipment
Cable assembly products
Cable assembly products
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