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Industry-specific solutions

Optimized drive solutions for all sectors

Through years of intensive cooperation with machine builders, Baumüller delivers innovative and optimized drive solutions for all sectors. Baumüller has responded to industry requirements with individual solutions. Motors have been developed especially for the plastics industry and for industries with high demands on hygiene, cleanliness and corrosion protection.

Hygienic design motors for processes with high hygiene requirements

Machines in food processing, beverage filling, and the pharmaceutical and packaging industries must be quick and easy to clean. At the same time, bacterial colonies must never grow as a result of accumulated dirt or cleaning agents. For industries with very high demands on hygiene, cleanliness, and corrosion protection, Baumüller has developed special motors in Hygienic Design, which means they have optimal hygienic properties. A corresponding surface finish and changes in the mechanics make the motors extremely robust so that they meet the highest requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Your benefits with Hygienic Design Motors

  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • No protective enclosure required – more flexible machine design possible
  • Fewer components and cables – reduced space requirements
  • Compact type of construction with high power density
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