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Cross-cutter machine module

green in motion BaumüllerBaumüller integrates the technology function directly in the controller, and therefore offers additional process advantages.

Cross-cutter process in paper and foil cuttingThe drive-based cross-cutting solution contains the typical process steps, for example, those required for metalworking or for paper and foil cuttingThe cross-cutting function is always used in mechanical engineering when defined material lengths must be cut or machined. This can be in metalworking, e.g. a pipe cut or a paper or foil cut in other areas. Imprinting with a die is also an example of an area of use.

In addition to its cross-cutter library in the control, Baumüller offers a drive-based solution for these applications. The function is integrated directly in the servo controller and therefore achieves even faster response times and greater precision.

Time advantage: parameterizing instead of programming

No programming knowledge whatsoever is needed for the finished technology solution, the movements merely have to be parameterized. All parameters, e.g. transmission factor, distance from the measuring point or roll circumference are adjustable.

Large advantages in using the Baumüller technology solutions include the non-existent programming work due to simple parameterization, a shorter time to market and lower costs. The customer can therefore conveniently fall back on validated and tested technology experience.

Intelligence in the drive: Software impresses with streamlined system

Cross-cutter software solutionThe cross-cutting software solution is integrated directly in the servo controller and therefore achieves faster response times and greater precision The converters of the Baumüller b maXX 5000 family are equipped with the integrated high-performance b maXX-softdrivePLC control platform. This enables control functionalities to be installed directly in the drive. This way, programs can be executed so they are highly synchronous with the controller cycle. Baumüller has also used this intelligence in the drive in its cross-cutting solution and lets the function run directly in the servo drive. The intelligence thus migrates into the drive and forms its own, streamlined system with numerous advantages.

The calculation runs in the fast converter timing, which means greater dynamics and process accuracy. The process quality is also ensured at a slower clock rate of the field bus. Since Baumüller converters provide a large number of fieldbus interfaces, the drive-based solution can be integrated as a subsystem in higher-level systems with little effort.

If the solution is used as an autonomous subsystem and, for example, diagnosis or parameterization by the user is required, it is also possible to link a separate HMI.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • The customer can concentrate on the actual machine process
  • Validated and approved technology function
  • No programming, but instead parameterization of the technology functions
  • Easy integration in existing system solutions thanks to different fieldbus interfaces of the converter
  • Relieves the load on the machine control system
  • Greater dynamics and accuracy due to calculation in the converter
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