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Engineering Framework ProMaster

One Framework for All Automation Tasks

The ProMaster Engineering Framework contains the tools for solving all automation tasks: from the drive design to the parameterization, the programming of control units, fieldbus parameterization through to visualization. This applies throughout the entire life cycle, not only during the planning and initial commissioning but also during maintenance.

ProMaster makes engineering more efficient and systematically reduces the extent of work required despite increasing complexity. Defined interfaces, modular machine architectures, and optional extensions result in more efficient automation solutions for flexible use.

An engineering framework for all automation tasks makes processes more efficient, enables faster plant production, improves product quality, and reduces the probability of errors. In addition, it increases the productivity of both the machine manufacturer and the operator.

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ProMaster- One Framework for All Automation Tasks

The tools for drive technology in ProMaster

  • Drive configurator sizemaXX – determine the ideal drive solution for you
  • Virtual commissioning ProSimulation – use the digital twin for the simulation of your drives and mechanics
  • Drive commissioning ProDrive – commission your drive systems and use the extensive functionalities e.g. for vibration analysis
  • Drive safety ProSafePara – parameterize drive safety easily and intuitively

The tools for control technology in ProMaster

  • ProProg programming system – implement PLC projects according to IEC 61131-3
  • ProPLC/ProDevice/ProCatalog – configure b maXX PLCs and declare I/O assignment, allocation, and EtherCAT nodes
  • Visualization tool ProViz – implement user interfaces easily with the configurator
  • ProCAM – create your own cam data with the cam editor
  • ProEtherCAT – configure and check the fieldbus systems of your application
  • ProOscilloscope: Measure, monitor, and analyze all parameters across an entire ProMaster project (PLC, drives, etc.)

Motion libraries and machine templates


Machine topology

screen 1

Catalogs, machine module templates


screen 2

Fieldbus communi­cation PLC modules I/O modules (local / remote)

Application creation

screen 3

PLC acc. to IEC 61131-3, CAM editor (VDI), Visuali­zation, Drive parameteri­zation and operation

Library concept – reusability

  • Common database
  • User expansion templates
  • User is free to structure library
  • Structured archiving of expertise acquired in machine modules
  • Basic and advanced libraries
  • Standardized software elements
  • Especially suitable for use in modular system design, with different machine versions and in the context of continuous development
  • Easier management and maintenance
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