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Sheet metal production par excellence

With laser cutting, punching and folding to form your required product - we give you the required solution.

Our range of services for sheet metal production

Design development

We offer comprehensive solutions for product development and for the creation of technical documentation with the help of standard CAD programs. We are your specialists for sheet metalworking. Our services include the design and engineering for medical engineering, printing industry, light engineering, electronics and control cabinet construction. We also offer you the implementation and technical support for the production of the product.

By combining an innovative approach and advance production technologies, we enable high-quality solutions, which meet your specific requirements. Our expert team produces first-class products for you, which ensure your efficiency and the reliability of your processes.

Design development

High-end laser cutting

With the modern fiber lasers of TRUMPF, we can convince through high flexibility in the thin sheet metal segment. Contours can be cut quickly and precisely with a laser power of 5 kW.

High-end laser cutting
laser cutting machine

The machines can be loaded with standard sheet sizes up to a maximum size of 1500 to 3000 mm. Apart from the standard sheet metal grades of steel, galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel and aluminum used, the special features of the fiber laser can be used especially for sheet metalworking of copper and brass sheets.

CNC punching machining for complex contours with forming

With the use of TRUMPF CNC punching machines we produce a wide range of parts. Here we can also, for example, produce lugs and other shapes with a punching stroke, and also to roll threads.

punching machining
punching machining

The machine’s maximum working area is 1500 x 3000 mm and can be used to machine, for example, materials such as sheet steel, stainless steel and aluminum, etc. The Toolmaster, with up to 90 tools, enables efficient and flexible production.


Deburring in wet and dry grinding

The final deburring of the stampings and laser cut parts is carried out mechanically. And is offered with both wet and dry grinding method.

Bending machines for maximum flexibility

Six bending machines with a bending length from 1 to 3 meters and a tonnage of 36 to 170 metric tonnes enable sheet metalworking with high precision.

Bending machines
Bending folding

Precise welds

The individual parts produced in the preproduction are joined to form assemblies in the welding department and are welded using the standard methods (MIG / MAG and TIG) to DIN 1090-2. Steel and stainless steel are machined, whereby an automated CLOOS welding robot ensures precise welds.

welding robot

Robot welders

The CLOOS QIROX welding robots can be used to machine workpieces efficiently, fast and process reliably. At the same time, the workpiece positioner enables positioning of the workpieces, weighing up to 500 kilograms, with precision to the nearest degree. The motion-weld welding method achieves high quality welds.

Skilled workmanship in the grinding process

Our skilled personnel have extensive workmanship skills for grinding the applied welds properly and to produce a uniform surface finish. This is particularly the case if the metal sheets are treated afterwards in our in-house powder coating system.

If the requirement is for smooth surfaces, in addition to the standard grinding process, a filling compound mixed with iron is applied and smoothened. This achieves a fault-free surface quality with smooth powder paints and textured paints with increased surface quality requirement.

Glass bead blasting

Glass bead blasting for perfect finishing

Machined stainless steel sheets are machined in our own blasting system with glass beads of different grain size and are given a perfect surface.

Surface coating

With our automated powder coating facility, we are not only able to meet the standard required corrosion protection class C3 but also higher requirements such as corrosion protection class C5 (for offshore applications). The range of parts can extend up to the maximum size of 3000 x 2500 x 2500 mm (l x w x h) and a maximum weight of up to 700 kilograms.

Surface coating
Surface coating

An integrated production control panel assists the planning and coating of jobs by colors – for efficient sheet metalworking.

Customized silkscreen and pad printing

pad printing

As an addition to the powder coating offered and implemented, we also offer the option of pad or silkscreen printing metal sheets to customized specifications. Parts up to a maximum size of 500 x 300 mm can be printed.
The following dimensions can be printed with each printing operation:

  • Silkscreen printing: 300 x 130 mm
  • Pad printing: 60 x 60 mm

Final assembly

The final production process for sheet metal parts takes place in the final assembly. Here all kinds of different workpieces are joined to form assemblies, are order picked as a set or are assembled to form complex housings, are tested and then packaged.

Final assembly

Quality control

Our qualified team carries out quality controls to ISO 9001 standards and creates standardized documentation to ensure traceability and product conformity. Our activities include, for example:

  • Standardized calibration of measuring and test equipment
  • Conducting of supplier audits
  • Implementation of incoming, interim and final tests
  • Root cause analysis in case of deviating measurement results
  • Continuous quality improvement in accordance with kaizen, the 5S method and FMEA
  • Training employees in product control
  • Visual inspection of the finished products during the recorded final inspection
Quality control
Quality control

The continuous quality controls in all phases of the production process ensure the highest quality standards and the reliability of our products.

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Our sheet metalworking machinery

  • TruLaser laser cutting machines
  • TruPunch punching/nibbling machines
  • TruBend bending machines
  • CLOOS welding robots
  • Automated powder-coating facility

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