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As a specialist in highly synchronized motion control applications, we provide ready to use motion libraries, machine templates and machine modules, drive-based analysis functions, and IoT solutions. We also offer engineering as a service (EaaS) for optimum implementation of your machine. We implement both PLC-based and drive-based solutions and also undertake projects using the controls of third-party suppliers.

Training course and workshops are offered for all software tools and the Baumüller machine templates. The workshops are either held in the Baumüller Academy in our headquarters in Nuremberg or, if required, in-house in your company. Know-how in the design, setting up, commissioning and optimization of your individual automation project saves time in serial production and commissioning and service costs.

Programming as a service

progamming plc-based

PLC-based solutions

You use a Baumüller PLC: We develop customized process technologies to your specifications and assist you with the programming of your project. Your personal contact implements your project with experience and know-how by using our extensive library of preprogrammed and validated modules and templates.

progamming drive intelligence

Drive-based solutions for analytics and motion control

You have a Baumüller converter: We program your application-specific process technologies or analysis functions directly on the drive. We do so by using the scalable softdrive-PLC integrated in the drive. Thanks to our know-how acquired over many years, we are able to implement your project efficiently and quickly.

progamming external controls

Solutions with third-party controls

You would like to link and optimally control our Baumüller converter with the control unit of another manufacturer? Our experts have experience in implementing topologies with the control platforms of other manufacturers. We have libraries with suitable modules for linking, for example to Siemens and B&R controls. The libraries grow continuously and if necessary, we develop new functions for your project.

progamming visualization


You program your PLC project yourself and need help with creating the visualization? We implement your intuitive visualization in your corporate design. Thanks to our longstanding experience, we are able to create intuitive visualizations with simple user guidance. These can be linked to different systems and facilitate the operation of your machines and plants.

progamming iot


You use Baumüller converters and control units: We link the converter and control unit to your overarching IOT system. This enables your customers to read out values during operation to improve control of their production and to make maintenance work easier to schedule. The available process data are recorded in the converter and in the control unit, are preprocessed if necessary and are then forwarded. The available data can also be supplemented by external sensors if necessary. The data are made available via open interface standards, such as OPC UA and MQTT, to your IoT application for flexible further processing.

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Application examples

PLC-based solution: Yarn winder

The implementation of a yarn winder for the production of metal fiber yarn involved multiple challenges: On the one hand, the machine is to be used to produce yarn with various yarn thicknesses from different metallic materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. This diversity can only be enabled by exact compliance with parameters and optimum interaction of software, operation, and the drive concept. In addition, the machine had to be compact and mobile. In general, the implementation was a major undertaking since metal fibers behave quite differently from textile fibers.

Implementation of all these tasks was a tricky task not only for the University of Dresden, but also for Deutsches Metallfaserwerk Dr. Schwabbauer GmbH & Co. KG, and so the team was pleased when Baumüller experts contributed drive technology know-how and experience to the project.

application-optimized softwareThe application-optimized software enables targeted parameter input to produce the metal fiber yarn with the required yarn linear density fineness and length

Application-optimized software solution

A Baumüller template was used as the basis of the software and adapted to the application, which also significantly reduced development time. An intuitive and easily operated user-interface was required. The aim was to have the machine status visible at all times and to be able to set all important machine parameters. Baumüller implemented all these requirements successfully. The machine not only monitors the production process, but also switches off automatically when the desired production quantity is reached. The axes can be operated individually or as a group in jog mode (manual operation): This is useful, for example, when changing the bobbin. The product diversity was mapped in the so-called recipe handling. This is a kind of cookbook in which product-specific parameters are stored for all kinds of different yarn thicknesses and lengths in order to start production quickly and safely. The “Alarms” tab contains an error history and reports any faults.

Drive-based solution: Test Bench

Drive-based solution test BenchUser-friendly operation of a test bench even without a higher-level PLC

A manufacturer of test machines produces an engine test bench that is to be implemented and operated without higher-level PLC. Nonetheless, value is placed in user-friendly operation. Baumüller DSD series servo motors and b maXX 5300 converters are used.

The solution

Baumüller proposes that all necessary operator functions such as switching on/off, input of torque, speed, etc. be programmed in the drive-integrated softdrive PLC control unit and to implement the operation via a Baumüller b maXX HMI. The drive is connected to the HMI via the service cable. The entire visualization is implemented on the drive-integrated softdrive PLC so that the machine builder receives a complete solution for their test bench without additional PLC.