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Weaving machines

In the next step of the textile chain the threads are woven, knitted, crocheted or worked into a textile fabric. Carpet weaving machines must work very dynamically and precisely in order to achieve a high degree of product quality. Equipped with a double rapier system with take-over on the top and a direct drive technology, a high weave density is generated. This ensures a perfect surfacer and extraordinary design. Using double and triple point technology, for example, up to 92 color combinations can be implemented by one machine with eight harnesses and up to 16 colors can be generated depending on the reed density. In addition such machines produce carpets with high density and rugs with up to four million points/m².

The water-cooled servomotors from Baumüller convince with a low torque of inertia and compact design. The water-cooled converters can be equipped with a field bus of choice and combined with various safety encoders. The safety module SAF-001, -002, -003 ensure the necessary machine and future security according to the most current standards. The b maXX 5000, with the scalable functional diversity of the modules, easily meets the guidelines of the standards EN ISO 13849 up to SIL 3 and EN 62061 up to PLe.

Advantages for your machine concept

Water-cooled servomotors

  • High dynamics and power density
  • High degree of protection IP 64
  • Very compact design
  • Low noise, since no fan unit is necessary
  • Simple, targeted heat dissipation
  • Robust and almost maintenance-free
  • High speed range
  • Digital encoders with single cable solution for a higher automation density
  • Low surface temperature

Water-cooled converters

  • Compact design for space in the control cabinet
  • No additional air conditioning devices
  • High power density
  • Easy commissioning with graphic user interface
  • Brief power supply failures are bridged
  • All common field bus systems are available
  • Simulation tool

Your benefits

  • Increased process quality through maximum level of precision and dynamic cycle times
  • Cost advantages through increased power density
  • Space and cost savings through the use of modular systems (smaller control cabinet)
  • Increased productivity

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