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Drive solutions for blown film machines

Recycling and reusing plastics to reduce the use of resources is a sustainable solution. The use of recyclate helps to decrease CO2 release. We offer highly efficient drive systems that help to reduce emissions. Green and high-precision synchronous motors also offer a very high efficiency within the partial load range and are therefore ideally suited for blown film machines. Choosing the right motors and exactly dimensioning the drives are decisive for minimal operating costs and thus an optimized CO2 footprint.


blown film machine topology

Benefits of the electric drives and intelligent controller functions

Extruder drives

  • High energy efficiency thanks to synchronous technology, even in partial load mode, and with a broad material mix
  • Drive and pure software-based smart energy monitoring for optimal transparency and comparability without additional hardware costs
  • Drive-based, fast block monitoring for intelligent protection of the extruder screw
  • Coaxial mounting relative to the extruder screw enables a compact machine layout when using high-torque motors. Combined with the optional screw pull-out to the rear, time-consuming disassembling of the extruder screw is not necessary
  • Maximum cooling method and type flexibility by using efficient synchronous motor-transmission combinations

Optional MDO unit (stretching unit)

  • Virtually cogging-torque free motors in combination with intelligent drive functions for cogging torque compensation enable optimal film stretching and material quality
  • Precise speed control of the drive axes leads to optimal film thickness and film surface
  • High torque density and compactness of the motors help to achieve smaller center-to-center spacings of the rollers
  • b maXX 6300 or b maXX 5300 modular system with optional safety functions such as STO, SLP, SLD, SS1 for optimal productivity and seldom machine stoppage during roller maintenance and cleaning work

Pull-out unit

  • Master-Slave operation is possible for high-precision speed control and material quality


  • Wide field weakening range of the motors enables optimal and economic dimensioning of the drive technology
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