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Our Marine Service – safe e-mobility on the high seas

Our fully electric and hybrid drives are also used in shipping and are the heart of ferries and other watercraft from the Weser to Taiwan. However, we offer not only excellent motors, converters, and the operating systems for these, but also a comprehensive marine service portfolio.

We at Baumüller stand behind our products and their future-proof functionality. With our marine e-mobility services, you receive a wide range of on-site and remote services which allow us to give you comprehensive support. Here you can get all the details about our Marine Services.

Our services at a glance

With us, you receive all services from a single source. We at Baumüller have extensive expertise and a wealth of experience when it comes to equipping or retrofitting ships and offshore vessels. After installation, we offer a wide range of services over the entire service life, such as regular maintenance and inspection, acute repair assistance, and troubleshooting.

Your advantages

  • Troubleshooting & short response times - fast and mobile service team, service via online connection
  • Repair, installation & commissioning - from the component to the whole system
  • Diagnostics - state-of-the-art diagnostic technology for fast fault detection
  • Inspections & maintenance - avoid downtimes for your ships
  • Transport logistics - collection and on-schedule delivery of your spare parts
  • OEM service on behalf of the customer - Hotline with OEM number switching

High service mobility

Mobility is the focus of all our marine services. As a customer, you require flexibility to act dynamically, even in the event of unforeseen problems. That’s why we offer a worldwide service network that enables us to respond to your individual needs. We maintain more than 40 drive centers worldwide with production, sales, application, and marine service facilities stretching from the East Coast of the USA to Australia and from the North Sea to South Africa.

Maximum service availability

Maximum service availability

The marine industry does not conform to fixed business hours. That’s why you can always reach us around the clock whenever you need maintenance or repair support. Our technicians will then reach your site as quickly as possible. The times may vary depending on the location, but our worldwide network and 24/7 availability allows us to keep them very short. This reduces potential downtimes as well as costs.


To eliminate the need for technicians from outside your team from the get-go, we provide appropriate training for your personnel. Regular operation and maintenance can thereby be carried out smoothly and without complications. For this purpose, we also offer event and alarm action lists for the ship’s personnel, which give them a helpful orientation.

You are interested?
Write us a message, our experts from the sales department will be happy to advise you.

Our advantages as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as a full-range supplier of state-of-the-art propulsion systems, our Marine Service offers you the following particularly efficient service:

Remote Guidance Tool

OEM online support

To maximize time savings during maintenance, among other things, Baumüller uses its own online service. Trained personnel can use it to obtain instructions and advice from Baumüller technicians remotely via a remote guidance tool.

In a mutual, simultaneous exchange, this tool allows many problems to be solved in a time-economizing way directly on site while the staff receives professional instruction. This both ensures safety and saves considerable time and money.

OEM spare parts

OEM-ErsatzteileWe directly provide wear parts and the corresponding spare parts. This is done using the shortest and logistically fastest possible routes. The parts we supply include converters, 24V system, DC fuses, and many more. Even the complete motor or generator can be replaced. Thanks to the direct use of our components, which are individually customized for you, no other parties are involved to complicate repair and maintenance. With Baumüller, you get everything from a single reliable source.

OEM monitoring

At your request, we can use our diagnostic systems to monitor all drive-related events. Alarm messages relating to DC link insulation, for example, are received worldwide at our Marine Service centers and allow immediate action in the event of problems. This includes alarm levels regarding current, voltages, and motor temperature. As a result, potential damage to the drive can be avoided and precluded at an early stage. Our 24-hour service is there for you around the clock.

Preventive maintenance

We provide inspection, revision and maintenance services as standard. Regularly scheduled intervals and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology allow us to keep your drive in optimal condition for maximum reliability and efficient performance. Using our cloud system, maintenance and repairs can be planned into your operations early on. The automatic ordering process for spare and wear parts and their subsequent shipment saves you even more time. All the parts are already on site as soon as repairs are to be carried out and do not have to be ordered beforehand.

Service on site – Baumüller worldwide

Marine ServiceWe use our Baumüller locations and selected marine specialists for our worldwide marine service. Here you receive mechanical support in the area of steel construction as well as the full scope of electrical maintenance services. In addition, you can exchange components or smooth out any other service issues on site, such as defective cables, fuse failures, insulation problems, and much more. Thanks to our Marine Service, such visits can be planned at an early stage and carried out with minimum downtime and thus a maximum reduction of failures.

Baumüller as an original equipment manufacturer with a full scope of services

At Baumüller, we offer excellent, efficient, and reliable drive systems in fully electric and hybrid designs. To maximize running times, identify and correct problems early on, and ensure overall smooth operations for you, we offer you access to our broad Marine Service package. This can be used as flexibly and individually as you need it. The services range from initial installation and the training of your personnel to regular maintenance intervals and repairs. We offer all services around the clock and with worldwide availability. You can make flexible on-site use of our services in our partner shipyards or request remote consulting and guidance from our technicians. With Baumüller, you can rely on minimum downtimes and the constantly optimized performance of your drive – and everything from a single source.


Our motors for ship drives

Our controls for ship drives:


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