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DSDI - high dynamic

Three-phase synchronous motor with integrated electronics

The DSDI is a highly dynamic servo drive with an integrated servo controller. This intelligent drive can be mounted directly on your system, thereby allowing a modular machine design. With its very short construction, the drive also has an excellent mass/inertia ratio for applications with the highest demands on acceleration ability.

Because the DSDI produces virtually constant torque over a wide speed range, it can be used in the production of a very wide range of materials. Secure yourself a competitive advantage with our DSDI three-phase synchronous motor by increasing the productivity of your machine while simultaneously improving precision.

Take advantage of numerous benefits:

  • Integrated power and control electronics
  • Maximum dynamism due to an excellent torque/inertia ratio
  • Very good smooth running characteristics
  • High overload capacity
  • Narrow, short housing design
  • Virtually detent-free
  • Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor
  • Main connection via plug
  • Protection class IP65
  • Optional holding brake (up to 2 Nm)
  • Optionally available with spur or planetary gearing (also with direct motor mounting)

Technical data DSDI

Uzk DSDI-028S: 24 V DC, Uzk DSDI-036S: 48 V DC
Subject to change.

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Three-phase synchonous motor with integrated electronics