Plastics machines

Numerous manufacturers of plastics machines have been relying on the innovativeness and competency of Baumüller for years.

Baumüller offers dynamic and precise application solutions from a single source. We offer planning as well as handling and automation systems for the entire field of the plastic-processing industry, from motors, converters and control engineering to control systems and software solutions for movement functions. We develop innovative and tailor-made solutions according to your requirements, which can be implemented as individual components or complete systems, providing you with decisive competitive advantages.

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Innovations for the plastics industryPlastic - a versatile material

Whether soft, hard, solid, elastic, heat-resistant or break-proof: Plastic is one of the most versatile and adaptable materials in the world. Thanks to its technical properties, it can be used to produce molded parts, semi-finished products, fibers or films. These are used in various areas, such as the packaging industry, medical technology, the textile sector, the construction industry, the chemical industry, vehicle construction and much more.


Plastics are divided into three groups depending on their characteristics: PET bottles, for example, are thermoplastics. These can be melted down several times and reused. On the other hand, elastomers are elastically deformable plastics and can be found, for example, in rubber bands, tires and sealing rings. The third group are thermosets. This type is particularly durable but not recyclable, with uses including body parts, pan grips, etc.

Efficient production

Plastics processing. Plastics machines must produce in a way that is energy-efficient, highly productive and conserves resources. High process accuracy is especially important, since every plastic part must be identical in shape and size. This means that energy-efficient and low-maintenance drive and automation solutions are required for best results.

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 Extrusion machines


Baumüller offers energy-efficient direct drive technology for extrusion machines. This minimizes transmission losses, reduces background noise during operation and increases machine reliability. At the same time, the compact design of the extruders eliminates the need for gears, thus reducing the contact area.



Injection molding machines

Injection molding machines

Baumüller offers a comprehensive portfolio for hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric injection molding machines. These servo pump solutions have been reducing the energy requirement in hydraulic and hybrid machines for many years. For fully electric injection molding machines in the power range up to 200 kW, Baumüller offers the compact b maXX 5000 modular system with water and air cooling options.


Calender machines

Calender machines

The use of direct drive technology makes it possible to produce very high-quality films, since torque fluctuations can be reduced even at low speeds by eliminating the need for gears. The cogging torque is almost completely compensated by specific functionalities in the converter in conjunction with the servo motors. Perfect for calender machines for the manufacture of plastic films.


Blow-molding machines

Blow-molding machines

Baumüller's servo pump solution is the optimum solution for reducing the energy requirement in blow-molding machines. Water-cooled motors and converters in particular excel with their highly compact design and rapid heat dissipation.



Thermoforming machines


Baumüller offers a complete automation solution for fast, high-precision thermoforming machines. From the dynamic, water-cooled servo motors for reducing the heat input in the machine to the control unit with corresponding ready-made motion modules, e.g. for temperature control, Baumüller offers a complete system including hardware and software. Here, too, the compact and flexible b maXX 5300 modular system offers many advantages.


Handling systems

Handling systemsBaumüller also offers economical and efficient solutions for your material handling application as well as for the finishing and further processing of plastic parts in such areas as insertion, removal, deburring, assembly or sorting.

 From motors, converters and control technology to control systems and software solutions for motion functions, Baumüller offers a wide range of handling and automation concepts.



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