Calender machines

The use of direct drive technology with calender machines makes it possible to produce very high-quality films, since torque fluctuations can be reduced even at low speeds by eliminating the need for gears. The cogging torque is almost completely compensated by specific functionalities in the converter in conjunction with the servo motors.

By using the flexible modular system, machine modules can also be easily connected for further processing.

Calender machines

Benefits for your machine concept

Energy efficiency and economy

  • Significant savings in energy consumption
  • PLC in the drive and external temperature regulation
  • High control quality

Water-cooled converters

  • Shorter cycle times thanks to parallel functionalities
  • Noise reduction due to omission of gears
  • Reduction of mechanical friction losses

Your benefits

  • Decreased life cycle costs due to reduced maintenance effort
  • Increased process capability and quality with direct drive solutions

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