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Paper & Printing Industry

From the components to the complete installation

For many years Baumüller is the leading company in automation and drive systems for printing machines, from sheet-fed printing to label printing up to newspaper printing. Thereby, Baumüller is not active in the actual printing process only but also in the preparatory and post-processing stage. Long years of collaboration with the machine manufacturers has allowed Baumüller to provide all sectors of the printing industry with innovative and optimized drive solutions for your competitive advantage.

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Efficient and future-proof

The printing sector is reinventing itsself. As a long-standing technology partner of the leading machine manufacturers in the printing and paper industry we help shape the process of change active. For decades Baumüller develops, plans and produces drive and automation systems for the printing and paper industry in cooperation with the customers.

The reliability, robust design and high availability of our automation systems make us your competent partner for your printing machines.

Paper & Printing Industry

  • Sheet offset
  • Roll offset
  • Printing of illustrations
  • Newspaper printing
  • BAUDIS diagnostics and remote service system
  • Baumüller process management system
  • Flexographic printing
  • Central cylinder construction
  • Unit-type construction
  • Compact construction
  • Gravure printing
  • Digital printing
  • Retrofit printing presses

Print unit - Direct drive technology

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To provide flexibility and optimizations of the setup time, more and more direct drives are being used in printing machines. This is independent of sheet-fed or reel-fed machines, which have to adapt to increasing demands whose system limits continue to increase: For example, more than 20,000 sheets per hour or more than 70,000 pages per hour in reel-fed printing. Baumüller made single-drive technology in printing applications into standard business in various areas early on. Because of the special design of our motors, we can reduce the number of mechanical components on the axes and even do without the need for gears.


  • Variable processing speed
  • Defined belt tension or sheet position
  • Coupling of additional machine modules possible
  • Can be implemented as a standalone module
  • Limited number of parameters
  • Highly dynamic compensating motions and cams
  • Synchronous motions (for example, back-step sequence or continuous transport)
  • Control panel

Customer benefits

  • Less vibration, smooth machine motion protects the machine’s mechanical components
  • Speed optimization, quality optimization means less paper waste
  • Can be integrated into your system via fi eld bus or, for retrofits, through real master axis function
  • Registration controlled operation
  • Format flexibility
  • Fast commissioning, easy changeover
  • Access to all parameters, record up and download
  • Easy operation and parameter setting - no laptop or software needed during servicing
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Your benefits: DST - direct, accurate and flexible

High-torque synchronous motors for applications with the most extreme torque requirements, even with axial loads.

  • One engineering template for your system assembled from our standard software blocks
  • Scalable in functional scope and drive power
  • One customized solution from a combination of standard solutions

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For the following functions

  • Infeed and outfeed
  • Synchronization
  • Compensating motions
  • Registration control and monitoring
  • Belt tension control
  • Winding and unwinding


  • No redundant bearings
  • Frame length is minimized
  • No wearing parts
  • Axial rotor movement possiblers

Differences compared to the complete motor

  • Final assembly at customer‘s facility
  • IP00 degree of protection
  • Encoder mounting and bearing on load side

Feeding and stacking - Format flexibility

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In sheet paper processing, whether this involves printing or other processing steps, the precise material flow becomes even more important at higher speeds. Baumüller supports the upper limits, for example, of up to 20,000 sheets per hour with the required dynamic and software functions. If your demands to the material to be processed should ever change, the transition can be completed quickly and smoothly.


  • Variable processing speed
  • Defined sheet position
  • Acceleration, stack overlap, and separation can be adjusted individually
  • Coupling of additional machine modules is possible
  • Can be implemented as standalone module
  • Provides highly dynamic compensating motions
  • Includes sheet feeding with registration control

Customer benefits

  • Gripper optimization regardless of main machine speed
  • Smooth machine motion protects the machine’s mechanical components
  • Speed and quality optimization creates less waste paper
  • Can be integrated into your system via field bus or, for retrofits, through real master axis function
  • Fast commissioning, easy changeover
  • Integration of additional functions into the motion sequence
  • Format and material independence

Your benefits: Format flexibility

You have built your system based on a modular concept. In doing so, you have combined new machines from our function blocks and are now focusing on project specific requirements. Feeding and stacking are synchronized to your downstream stations, giving you the flexibility you need to handle different formats.

  • Scalable in functional performance and drive power
  • Synchronized with downstream processes
  • Flexible handling of different formats

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For the following functions

  • Feeding
  • Alignment
  • Acceleration
  • Transfer
  • Overlap stacking and/or vertical stacking
  • Sheet deceleration
  • Stack lift drives

The gripper retrieves a feed element of variable dimensions from a variable location and places it in a dynamically defined position. Our stacker performs this task in reverse order. Thus, we ensure subsequent processing in a defined manner.

Envelope machine - Configuration management

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Personalization is becoming increasingly important in advanced production processes. In addition to the content, the format of the message is an important aspect. We use intelligent systems to ensure that machines are extremely flexible so that setup and job changeover times are minimized. With the help of Baumüller’s engineering framework ProMaster you can finish the machine configuration, parameterization and programming in the shortest amount of time.


  • Variable processing speeds
  • Defined cutting position
  • Electrically generated synchronized motion
  • Synchronization of additional modules
  • Taking advantage of reusable technology modules

Customer benefits

  • Calculation of cam profiles independent of format and speed
  • Registration control
  • Incorporation of data matrix and barcode reader systems
  • Data matrix and barcode reader system monitoring
  • Reducing commissioning times and time to market

Baumüller in an interview with the Head of Development Department of the Gallus Group

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Baumüller products are used in numerous types of machines and systems as well as their functional modules. Examples:

  • Drives for printing presses
  • Register drives
  • Web tension drives
  • Winder applications
  • Adjustment and positioning drive systems
  • Color/damping unit drives
  • Cross cutter drives
  • Punching and post-processing drives
  • Main drives
  • Direct drives
  • Feeder drives etc.

Thanks to the reliability, robustness and high availability of its drive systems, Baumüller has become a competent partner for producers of printing presses.

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