Efficiency in sight! Hybrid or electric ship propulsion isn't rocket science – this is what you need to consider

When does it make sense to switch from a diesel drive to fully electric or hybrid?

Reducing emissions, lowering costs and complying with directives are possible with hybrid or electric marine propulsion systems. Baumüller has been equipping inland vessels, work boats, yachts and offshore vessels with state-of-the-art propulsion systems for several years and provide information on the basics of modern propulsion technologies. When does it make sense to switch from a diesel drive to fully electric or hybrid? What questions need to be answered to choose the right system? What role does the driving profile play in this? What about the system cooling? Our experts answered these questions and more in the webcast. You'll also find out the difference between a serial and a parallel hybrid and what you need to know about battery rooms and charging infrastructure.

In the webcast find out:

  • Which hybrid and fully electric drive systems are available.
  • Which questions are relevant when deciding on the right system.
  • Who the contacts are for the various components of the drive system.
  • What you should consider when planning a project.

You can find more information on hybrid and electric ship propulsion systems in our webcast, which can be downloaded by filling in the fields in the form.

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