LSC — Iron-less linear motors

The LSC iron-less linear motors from Baumüller achieve maximum current and force rise. This makes them ideal for highly dynamic applications with maximum stiffness relative to disturbing forces. Due to it’s principle of operation, this iron-less linear motor does not apply any forces of attraction to the guidance system. As no latching forces occur, this motor is able to achieve a unique degree of synchronicity. The coil is comprised of encapsulated air-core coils of minimal weight. The U-shaped magnet way can be arranged as desired.


  • Modular system
  • No cogging
  • Maximum rates of current and force rise
  • Perfect acceleration characteristic

Customer benefit

  • A solution at optimal costs
  • Optimal dimensioning of the directing system
  • Higher product quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Excellent synchronous features

Technical data - Coil

Technical data - Magnet way

Subject to alterations. The stated data are maximum values.
For details please have a look in the technical documentations.

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LSC-Iron-less linear motors
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