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Compact and powerful stair lift motors

Installing and operating a stair lift, especially in narrow and steep staircases, places high demands, not least on the drive package. Over the years, our subsidiary Baumüller Direct Motion based in Bad Gandersheim has become a competent partner for stair lift manufacturers.

Individual installation situations require flexibility

People whose mobility is restricted when walking are often dependent on aids in order to negotiate stairs. Converting a private home to make it accessible for people with disabilities is usually complicated and costly. Possible variants range from outdoor lifts to indoor platforms allowing wheelchair access. These cases require a complete conversion of the house. In many cases, however, the staircase is too narrow, too steep, or too winding to implement such a solution.

This is an example of when a stair lift represents a true alternative. On the one hand, its flexible guide rail allows it to be adapted to the properties of the staircase. On the other hand, the compact drive package offers the possibility of designing the entire lift in a minimal size. Disc motors are particularly suitable as the main drive, i.e. for moving the entire lift.

Baumüller stair lift drivesBaumüller stair lift drives

Space-saving, flat design

Flat, lightweight, and yet powerful and dynamic – these properties make Baumüller motors practically predestined for use in stair lifts. The decisive feature of the drives is their flat design. The GDM 10 N motor, for example, is comparatively very flat and compact when the installation space is considered relative to the achievable motor power. It is characterized by its particularly space-saving, flat design.

Baumüller's stair lift motors are permanent-magnet motors with ironless rotor and drum collector and therefore have particularly low inertia and are highly dynamic in their running performance. The motors can be easily controlled over their entire speed range. Even at the lowest speeds of less than one revolution per minute, concentricity is precisely maintained.

Safe, quiet, and individually programmable

Stair lift drives must meet a number of special requirements resulting from their use in private households: A lightning strike or power failure, for example, does not affect the stair lift, as it is operated with two batteries in the extra-low voltage range. They supply the required energy to the drive package. There is a charging station at both ends of the guide rail where the batteries are charged. This eliminates the need for complicated cabling and a cable trailing system. A lift permanently connected to the power supply would simply stop if the power supply were to break down. This would render a person with limited mobility completely helpless. Since Baumüller's flat motors are particularly suitable for low voltage applications, they are also an ideal solution for stair lifts.

disk motor gdm12nDisc motor type GDM 12 N for use in stair liftsEspecially in duplexes and row houses with walls shared with a neighbor, low noise is an important criterion. This places specific noise requirements on the drive package. The Baumüller stair lift drive is extremely low-noise.

Combination of stair lift motors with a control unit

The setting of the control unit is always customer-specific or according to the on-site properties of the staircase. The desired operating speeds and the swivel movements are stored in advance in a central control unit. The lift user then basically only needs to specify the direction of travel – up or down – and the desired stopping point.


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